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Victoria Peak

Victoria PeakVictoria Peak, also called Mount Austin, is one of the most famous tourist attractions located in the mid-west in Hong Kong Special Administrative Region. Victoria Peak is estimated 552 meters high and local citizens are used to call the peak of Victoria Peak as The Peak. It is a good place to view the scene of Hong Kong. Looking down from The Peak you will be amazed by the spectacular view of the surrounding city skyline, the world-famous Victoria Harbour and Kowloon, towering skyscrapers and peaceful green hillsides. 


Victoria Peak

The area of Victoria Peak refers to the neighborhood of the Peak Station of the Peak Gondola. Specifically speaking, The Peak includes Victoria Peak, Kwun Lung Jiao, Qi Li Mount and Ge Fu Mount. The peak is also the habitation of the deluxe villas owned by the foreign delegates and the rich tycoons. The place below Victoria Peak is separated as Sheung Wan and Central which developed as the central commercial area.

In 1888, the Peak Gondola started to operate and the fierce blaze in the Peak Gondola occurred in 1938. Without reconstruction, the Peak Gondola still became the terminal station of the bus. Until 1990, The Peak Plaza turned to be one of the most famous tourist attractions.

If you want to reach Victoria Peak, you can take the Peak Tram, a pleasant ride ascending the mountain. The tram has been in operation for over one hundred years, and to date, no accident has ever occurred. Your journey aboard the tram will take eight minutes and upon reaching the summit you will see a seven storied building in the shape of a ship.

There is nothing in the world like the Peak Tram of Victoria Peak. Pulled by steel cables, the tram climbs 373 metres (about 1,200 feet). It is so steep that the buildings you pass look like they are leaning at a 45°angle. Whether you are going up or coming down, you will love this trip. Currently it hosts more than 6 million visitors each year. The Tram ride alone is spectacularly breathtaking.

Once on Victoria Peak, there are a number of locations providing magnificent views of the city below. For great continuous unfolding vistas, take the Peak Circle Walk or go directly to the Lugard Road Lookout for fabulous views over the harbour. There are more great vistas from the Lions View Point Pavilion and the viewing terrace at the Peak Galleria, as well as the Peak Tower Sky Terrace.


Victoria Peak Tour

The panoramic vista is one of the most beautiful night scenes in the world so a visit to the Lion Pavilion on the peak is a must. Standing upon the pavilion and overlooking the Victoria Harbor and the Kowloon Peninsula, a spectacular night view can be enjoyed. The Victoria Harbor is one of the world's busiest harbors and has a constant ebb and flow of shipping all year round. With row upon row of skyscrapers stand prominently on the Central District which is the financial and economic hub of Hong Kong. The most spectacular are the Bank of China Tower and the Central Plaza. The Central Plaza is a reinforced concrete building with 78 stories.

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