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Tunxi Village

an old street in Tunxi town in AnhuiTunxi Village located 67km (41 miles) southeast of Huang Shan, 27km (17 miles) west of She Xian Anhui Province. After arriving in Tunxi, the gateway to Huang Shan, it used to be that visitors would bypass this small town and head directly for the mountain. Nowadays, however, the beautiful countryside around Tunxi, with its paddy fields and gorgeous traditional architecture, provides a draw in its own right, and a visit here is well worth combining with your trip to Huang Shan.

Tunxi Old Street originated in Song Dynasty (960-1279) is a well-preserved mercantile street with the architectural styles of the Song (960-1279), Ming (1368-1644) and Qing (1644-1911) dynasties located in the center of Tunxi Village. The group of architectures alongside the street followed both the Song Dynasty style and the traditional Hui (Anhui Province) folk residences style, presenting the charm of ancient towns in the southern lower reaches of the Yangtze River.

The 1273-meter street in Tunxi Village was paved with maroon flagstones at the width of 5-8 meter. The 2 or 3-story shops along the street still inherit the traditional design 800 years ago, which is "shop in the front, and house or workshop at the back". Nowadays the street has been turned into a pedestrian street, tourists can walk along to buy all kinds of local souvenirs like Qimen Black Tea, Tunxi Green Tea, and Four Treasures of Chinese study: brushes, ink sticks, ink slabs and rice paper.

More than ten famous old shops are situated along the street of Tunxi Village, including Tongrende, opened about 120 years ago in the Qing Dynasty, is the most remarkable one. Many other stores here deal primarily in folk artworks such as traditional Chinese paintings of the Hui (Anhui Province) sect, miniature gardens, root-carvings, prints and inscriptions.


Tunxi Village Tour

Today Tunxi Ancient Street, the folk art corridor in China is popular with movie and television companies since its scene of dense traditional commercial atmosphere, some experts believe the ancient street resembles the famous Song Dynasty painting, ' The Upper River during the Qing Ming Festival&apos.