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Grand View Park

The Grand View Park (Daguan Park) is near the Dianchi Lake, located at the terminus of Daguan Road in the southwest of Kunming city.Beautiful view of the Grand View Park It includes the three-storied Grand View Pavilion, which provides a spectacular view across sparkling Dianchi Lake to the distant Western Hills, and some winding corridors, bonsais, rockeries, trees and porches, willowed causeways, arch bridges, and archways centering around.

Attractions in Grand View Park

The pavilion in Grand View Park was built in 1890. The roofs of the pavilion were painted golden, and the pavilion appears elegant in between the verdant trees. Like many other Chinese ancient buildings, Grand View Pavilion also destroyed and restored several times because of the dynastic changes and the civil wars. The present-day square, three-storied pavilion was established in 1883. At the entrance there is the longest antithetical couplet which was written by a famous Qing Dynasty(1644-1911) scholar named Sun Ran; this couplet of 180 characters is one of the most valued cultural treasures in Yunnan Province. The first part of the couplet describes the beautiful and magnificent natural views of the Grand View Park, tell people to enjoy and treasure this place. The second part reviews the 2000 years' history of Yunnan.

The other sceneries in Grand View Park like Santan Yingyue, Louwailou and Lu Garden are beautiful places also. Santan Yingyue is a pool with three stone towers which divides the pool into three parts. Therefore when there is a moon in the sky there are three moons in the water; Louwailou is a stone pavilion built like a ship. Standing on it you can see Santan Yingyue on the right and the ocean of grass on the left, Dianchi Lake in the front and levee behind; in the south of Grand View Park is the Lu Garden which was a private villa in 1937, with roses, weeping willows and oleanders everywhere. Lu Garden looks like a little peaceful fairyland which is hiding in the corner of the Grand View Park.


Grand View Park Tour

During the tour to Grand View Park  in Kunming, tourists will get closer to nature and feel its breath. The wonderful experience in the park will leave you an unforgettable memory during tour to Yunnan.