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Kunming is the capital of Yunnan Province, also known as the "city of eternal spring". It is one of the most pleasant and relaxed cities in China. Endowed with a pleasant climate, neither severe winter nor extremely hot summer. The 15,000 square kilometers of land of the city is adorned with more than 400 kinds of flowers.

Overlook of Kunming

Standing side by side with its remarkable local folk culture, Kunming is a modern city with impressive skyscrapers and Hi-tech international Groups. The International Tourism Mart held here annually makes the city even more famous. Beautiful attractions here include Stone Forest, Xishan (West Hill), Jiuxiang and Yunnan Nationalities Village, Grand Park, Black Dragon Pool and much more. 

There are more than one hundred star rated hotels in Kunming. These provide tourists a wide choice of somewhere to relax after a whole day tour. Kunming is also renowned for many delicious local dishes; the most famous ones are Across Bridge Rice Noodle and Xuanwei Ham. You can enjoy them both at local famous restaurants or the night market. There are many pubs, bars and cafes that serve good quality meals In the night markets.


Kunming Tour

Yunnan is home to 25 ethnic minorities, and is endowed with a remarkable traditional folk culture. Kunming has neither severe winter nor extremely hot summer. Weather and climate here is really mild with blooming flowers and lush vegetation all the time. So it is suitable for traveling all the year round.