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Barkhor Street

a bird eye view of Barkhor StreetBarkhor Street, a circular street at the center of Old Lhasa, was created by pilgrims walking around Jokhang Temple throughout the centuries. Buddhist pilgrims walk or progress by body lengths clockwise along the street every day until dark. Most of Lhasa's transient population consists of these pilgrims, who process outside the four temple columns on which colorful scripture streamers are hung, a custom begun in the Tubo period(633-877) as a way to show respect.

Barkhor Street is a place where Tibetan culture, economy, religion, and arts converge and should not be missed. It is also a marketplace where shaggy nomads, traders, robed monks, and chanting Pilgrims congregate. Clustered shops and stalls sell printed scriptures, cloth prayer flags, religious vessels, jewelry, Tibetan knives, ancient coins, and other Tibetan artifacts. Various merchandise from India and Nepal is also sold here.


Barkhor Street Tour

Barkhor Street is a landmark of Lhasa. During Barkhor Street Tour, tourists will personally  experience the Tibetan culture, economy, religion and arts.