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Jokhang Temple

Jokhang Temple with many peopleLying in the heart of Lhasa's old section, Jokhang Temple was built in the seventh century by Songtsen Gampon in honor of Princess Wencheng. It is a splendid example of Tubo-era construction and is the earliest example of timber construction in Tibet. AS the first Tibetan temple built on level land, it introduced a new layout style for temple construction in Tibet.

In front of the main entrance of Jokhang Temple stand three stone pillars, one of which bears an inscription, in both Tibetan and Chinese, of the treaty between Tang and Tubo signed in 823. Walking clockwise behind the main entrance, visitors step into a large, open courtyard, the site of the Monlam Festival (or Great Prayer Festival). During the ceremonies, thousands of monks gather here to pray for social stability and the happiness of all living creatures. Rites such as expelling ghosts and greeting bodhisattvas are also held.

The walls of the Thousand Bodhisattvas Cloister, which encircles the courtyard, are painted with a thousand murals ofthese enightened beings. As visitors make their way through the halls beside the courtyard, they encounter the famous Jokhang Hall hidden behind hundreds of butter-oil lanterns. The principal structure as well as the center of Jokhang Temple, Jokhang Hall is a four-floor building with a huge chamber in the center where monks learn, recite, and chant scriptures. Tibetan Buddhists believe that Lhasa is the heart of the world and that the center of the universe is found here.


Jokhang Temple Tour

In December 1994, Jokhang Temple was listed by UNESC0 as a Worid Heritage site. So during the tour to Tibet, tourists should not miss this world famous attraction.