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Namtso Lake

Namtso Lake with snow mountain and blue skyln its November 14, 2005, issue Namtso Lake was ranked as one of the five most beautiful lakes in China by the Chinese edition of National Geographic. Its touching beauty should not be missed by any traveler who visits Tibet. Namtso is the Tibetan word for "heavenly lake." As one of the three holy lakes in Tibet. Namtso is famous for its high altitude (15,485 feet), vast area(757 square miles), and stunningly beautiful scenery.

The second-largest saltwater lake in China (after Qinghai Lake), Namtso Lake is the biggest lake in Tibet. It is also the highest-altitude saltwater lake in the world. The water here is crystal-clear blue. Cloudless skies merge with the surface of the lake at the horizon, creating a cohesive scenic vista. The soul of every visitor who has ever been here seems to be cleansed by the pure lake water.

Summer is the best time to visit Namtso Lake. Yaks, hares, and other wild animals leisurely look for food along the expansive lake-shore; countless migratory birds fly here to nest and feed their young; sometimes beautiful fish jump out of the water, seeking the warmth of the sunshine; herds of sheep and cows punctuate the landscape of the verdant grassland, which stretches as far as the eyes can see; the dulcet tones of the herdsmen's songs resound through the valleys. At this time of year Namtso Lake is full of life and activity, and it is no wonder Tibetans regard Namtso Lake as the symbol of beauty and happiness. The lake is indeed a blessing from nature.


Namtso Lake Tour

Besides its magnificent scenery, Namtso Lake is also a well-known sacred Buddhist site. Zhaxi Temple is located on the Zhaxi peninsula. In every Tibetan Year of the Sheep, thousands of Buddhists come here to worship. As a part of their ritual, pilgrims walk clockwise around the lake in order to receive the blessings of the gods.