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Baisha Village

Baisha Village is a small village near the town of Dayan. Also Baisha Village is the birthplace of the Mus. Yegunian, the ancestor of the Mus. This family gradually became more and more powerful till the days when they became the King Mu. It is from this place that the Naxi began to form the idea of building a city with a market square as center and streams as skeletons. And it was in this place that they began to learn the culture, Baisha Villageknowledge and technology of the Han people.

In Baisha Village we can find the earliest Naxi architectures of Lijiang, Dabaoji Palace and Glazed Hall, which were built in the early days of the Ming Dynasty. It is in a simple and unsophisticated style. The most attracting part of the village is the fresco, which was made in the Ming dynasty. It is a great work of art that reflects the multiple cultures at that time.

The murals is the most attraction in Baisha Village. These murals are mostly from the Ming Dynasty (1368-1644). There are 55 existing murals, among which the largest one is at the Dabaoji Hall of Baisha. Most Baisha murals depict religious stories, and one characteristic is to combine several legends into one picture. They are an artistic Crystallization combining the Naxi, Tibetan, Bai and Han styles.


Baisha Village Tour

Baisha Village is one of the first settlements of Naxi ancestors. Here Naxi Ethnic groups set up the first settlement and created their Dongba culture. So during the tour, tourists will learn more about the local custom.