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Stone Drum Town

Stone Drum Town is a small town locating at the First Bay of the Yangtze River. It got its name from a white marble carved plateau shaped like a drum (the stone drum is 1.5 m in diameter, 7cms in thickness.) This plateau is to memorialize the victory and subsequent spread of power of Baizhuang, the Tusi of Mu Family of Lijiang, during the Jiajin years of the Ming Dynasty. Bird view of the Stone Drum Town

To the right of the plateau of the Stone Drum Town is a beautiful willow forest at its bank; and on its left runs the Chongjiang River. Over the river spanning a 17m long Tiehong Bridge that is consisted of boards paved over iron chains and with similar iron chains as fences on both sides.

Since ancient times, Stone Drum Town has been important linking Tibet with the outside world. It is an important town on the ancient trade route for tea and horses between the inlands and the Tibet. Now, the town still features a flourishing trade fair that is held every three days. Here Tibet people bring their high quality medicine and take home tea, salt, cloth and other goods. At the market day, this town is very crowded and noisy.


Stone Drum Town Tour

With a long history and the  flourishing trade fair, Stone Drum Town has become a popular attraction among tourists of Lijiang tour. And during the tour, tourists will personally experience the ancient atmosphere.