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Zhoucheng lies 30km north near Butterfly Spring, Dali. It has earned the nickname 'the Hometown to Tie-dyeing'. The delicate and colorful dyeing process appeals to many travelers at both home and abroad.

Zhoucheng cityZhoucheng is another ancient town in Lijiang where you can see rows of ancient houses. And just as mentioned above, Zhoucheng is famous for its Tie-dyeing, which is the traditional folk art of the Bai ethic minority. The history can be dated back to 1,000 years ago. At the very beginning, the Bai made tie-dyeing in their own houses, and gradually home-based workshops appeared, becoming so common that almost every family had one. The material originally used was pure white cotton cloth with blue dye, but today the choices in both color and design are richer and more varied than before - greens, reds, and browns have been introduced in addition to the traditional blue. The designs are simple, inferring an idyllic pastoral life, and are made with dye that will never fade.


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Even though the designs are simple, the process is anything but, as procedures are becoming more and more complicated with increased demand. Watching how the Bai people make their tie-dyed pieces is absolutely a must-see during the trip.