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Longmen Grottoes

the whole view of Longmen GrottoesLongmen Grottoes located in the south suburbs of Luoyang City, the Longmen Grottoes houses over 2100 Buddist niches, more than 100,000 sculptures and 40 Buddhist pagodas. They scatter on the esstern and western cliffs on both of the Yihe River. The construction of the Grottoes began during the period of Northern Wei (386-534), and had lasted for over 400 years.

The Longmen Grottoes, an apotheosis of the art of stone carvings in ancient China, are regarded as one of the three greatest grottoes in China, together with the Yungang Grottoes in Datong and Thousand-Buddha Caves in Dunhuang.

Currently, the total number of existing grottoes in Longmen Grottoes is more than 1300, with 100,000 plus Buddha figures, among which the largest is as high as 17.14 meters, while the smallest measures merely 2 centimeters. They are but a complete embodiment of the artistic accomplishments of the ancient working people in China. Among the grottoes, the Middle Binyang Cave, Fengxian Temple and Guyang Cave are the most representative ones.

Except for various exquisite sculptures, Longmen Grottoes also preserve a large quantity of historical materials in terms of religion, fine arts, calligraphy, music, garments, medicine, architecture and Sino-foreign transportation, etc. Therefore, they are also a large museum of stone carving art.

Large in scale, the Longmen Grottoes feature exquisitely-carved sculptures of rich contents and subjects, thus are reputed as one of the greatest classical artistic treasure houses in the world. With their own systematic and unique language of sculpture art, they reveal all of the rules and principles of the artistic creation. On the other hand, the abundant substantial historical materials kept inside also reflect in different aspects the evolution of various fields, including the ancient politics, economy, religion and culture.


Longmen Grottoes Tour

In Nov. 2000, Longmen Grottoes were listed into the World Heritage List by the UNESCO. With such a high reputation throughout the world, it is the most popular tourist attraction in the old city of Luoyang.

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