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Peking Opera Theater

The Peking Opera Theater is housed in Qianmen Jianguo Hotel, one of the most famous restaurants in Beijing, with its building featuring a combination of Chinese and western architectural styles. The restaurant enjoys an incomparable location in Beijing and offers a series of services and facilities.
The Peking Opera Theater is no doubt the highlight of the hotel. Every night there is the traditional Chinese art – Peking Opera – on offer here at the hotel. The elitist performers from the Beijing Opera Theater give classic opera shows all year round. There is truly no better place to be if you want to taste the authentic Beijing flavor as well as the famous Peking Opera culture.
The theater is housed in a traditional ancient tower where you can sit by the wooden table, drinking tea and enjoying the snacks while watching the Peking Opera shows. By the way, there are headphones with simultaneous interpreting available at the theater, as well as subtitles in Japanese and English, catering to the foreign visitors.
In addition to the operas, you can also get a chance to see a wide variety of artist’s photos, facial masks, costumes and video products and even better to get a photo while dressed in costume. The show starts from 19:30 every night.

Location: No. 175 on Yongan Road
How to Get There: Take Metro Line 2 and get off at Hepingmen Station and exit from Exit D 2 and transfer to a bus and get off at Yonganmen Stop.

Photos of Peking Opera Theater