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Ancient Ming and Qing Street

the dragon dance in Ancient Ming and Qing StreetThe Ancient Ming and Qing Street also know as Nan Da Jie, is the main downtown thoroughfare. This street has undergone major restoration and its attractions now include hotels offering traditional brick-oven beds, restaurants serving Pingyao's famous beef and shops hawking an astonishing array of art wares such as antiques, furniture, ancient coins, Chinese paintings, jadeware, lacquerware and traditional folk clothing. In the old days, over 700 shhops peppered this same street and serval remain exactly as they have for centurieds. On this lively street, just shouting to be climbed, is the 18.5 m high Town Tower-the tallest structure in town.

The atmosphere of the flourishing businesses formerly established as well as the really ancient building designs may refresh you when you entering the Ancient Ming and Qing Street. Don't pass by the chance to have a taste of some really delicious food available in Pingyao, such as noodles made as dishes, savory beefs as well as the uniquely fragrant and dainty 'Wantuo'.


Ancient Ming and Qing Street Tour 

With such a good deal of interesting and historical attractions to visit and divine concoctions to sample, Ancient Ming and Qing Street is absolutly without doubt can make a lasting impression on you once you venture here. 

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