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Pingyao Ancient City Wall

Pingyao Ancient City Wall with blue skyIt is said that Pingyao Ancient Town has three treasures, they are Pingyao Ancient City Wall, Zhengguo Temple, and Shuanglin Temple. The Ancient City Wall rates the highest among locals and visitors alike. It is located in the middle of Shanxi Province. The city was laid out according to the Chinese tradition - Feng Shui, which says that the most auspicious city layout is where the mountains and water face the sun and a tortoise can be found playing in the water.

Pingyao Ancient City Wall was first built about 2,700 years ago, it was expanded in the Ming and Qing Dynasty. It is the most well-preserved wall among the ancient historical and cultural cities in China, and also an early and largest city wall in Shanxi Province. The present city wall is mainly in the form and structure of Ming Dynasty, with a total length of 6.4 kilometers.

Pingyao Ancient City Wall is square, 10 meters high, 5 meters wide. There are 72 terraces with battlements. The surface of the city wall is laid with bricks, watch towers built on the wall. There are six gates in the city wall, two each on the east and west and one each in the south and north side. The gate tower upon the city wall is the symbol of the city, whose magnificent looking represents the majesty of fortifications. The whole form of the city wall was arranged according to the terrain, the north, west and north wall square and straight while the south wall built with the river.


Pingyao Ancient City Wall Tour

As one of the three treasures in Pingyao, the Ancient City Wall enjoys a long history and the high fame, thus it is really worth by the tourists of Pingyao tour. After the tour, tourists could walk along the street in Pingyao Ancient City to feel its old atmosphere.

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