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Qiao Family Courtyard House

the full face of Qiao Family Courtyard HouseThe Qiao Family Courtyard House was the home of a powerful trading family with significant commercial influence even beyond Shanxi, as they were in the trade sector, a nationwide business. It was in this mansion that award-winning Chinese director Zhang Yinou set interior scenes for this film Raise the Red Lantern.

Located some 20km north of Pingyao, the compound is fortified behind a 10m high wall with battlements. A watchtower perches from each of the four corners. The main entrance of Qiao Family Courtyard House opens east into a spacious compound that 8,724 ㎡, with 313 rooms, six magor courtyards and 20 smaller ones. An 80m passsgeway divides the complex into half. The inner courtyards and corridors follow the Chinese character for the words "double happiness". The roof style are varied, from dramatically sloping to curved or terraced eaves. In classical  Qing style, roof ridge are decorated with floral and fauna patterns. There are some 140 chimneys., each carrying a distinctive design. And the Ancestral Temple of the Qiao Family is found at the western end. 


Qiao Family Courtyard House Tour

Viewed from outside, the Qiao Family Courtyard House is serious and grand, with long yards; viewed from inside, it is splendid and orderly, reflecting the residential style of big families in feudal society in North China.

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