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Confucius Mansion

The Confucius' MansionThe Confucius Mansion is located in Qufu, Shandong Province, its west is connected with the Confucian Temple. Confucian Mansion is actually not the former residence of Confucius. It has been occupied by Confucius's descendants. The building now was completed during the Ming and Qing dynasties.

The Confucius Mansion is also called "Yansheng Master Mansion". It is the largest popular mansion next to the imperial palaces of Ming and Qing Dynasty in China. Containing 463 buildings, the large complex is one of the finest of its kind in China. The mansions follow traditional Chinese architectural style too. On the east side of the north-south axis is the family shrine; while on the west side is a recreational area which has studies, guest rooms and libraries. Grouped on the central axis are the main sections of the mansions. To the south on the axis is the former administrative area. The Kongs were granted great power to administer Qufu city by the emperors.

Scenic Spots in Confucius Mansion

The east of Confucius Mansion are house temples, there are the Baoben Hall, the Peach Temple and etc. West is academy, it is the place that Confucius studied knowledge, poem and etiquette and created and sang poems with his descendants and treated guests, they are the Zhongshu Hall, the Anhuai Hall and south and north flower halls treated guests. Center is the main body of the Confucius' Mansion.

As the border of inner house of Confucius Mansion, front is the government having three halls and six main rooms (the Largest Hall, the Second Largest Hall, the Third Largest Hall, the Guangou Main Room, the Baihu Main Room, the Zhiyin Main Room, the Zhangshu Main Room, the Dianji Main Room and the Sile Main Room), back is the inner house, there are front up house, front hall building, back hall building and back five rooms.

The backyard of Confucius Mansion is the garden of Confucius' Mansion, it is the place that the successive Yansheng Masters and family members had a rest, chatted and enjoyed themselves. The flowers and trees are all cultivated meticulously. The surroundings of the backyard are very beautiful and scenery is graceful.


Confucius Mansion Tour

Confucius Mansion enjoys a very comfortable environment. Although not the former residence of Confucius, it still attracts large numbers of toruists every year. And during the tour to Qufu, if time allows, just pay a visit to this popular attraction.

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