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Sanjiang Drum Tower

Drum Tower with a name stone in SanjiangSanjiang Drum Tower is the symbol and soul of Dong Village. It is a wooden structure joint with tenons, without a nail in entire building , ranging from a few layers to dozens of layers, mostly a single number, were tetrahedral, hexahedral or octahedral shape, usually more than 10 meters tall, the highest up to tens of meters. Shape like pagodas, majestic and impressive, structured seriously and decorated delicately plus its artless color, Sanjiang Drum Tower was  hailed as "the world's first drum tower".

Sanjiang Drum Tower was completed in November 2002, it is made by local famous craftsman team of civil floor master hand in the construction of the bridge in Dong race. Set of cultural, recreation, tourism and many other features in one. Sanjiang Drum tower create "four" the most:

The Largst Area

Sanjiang Drum Tower has 60 Stigma landing in total, covers an area of 600 square meters, together with a newly decorated Square, the total area is more than 4000 square meters. The completion of the Drum Tower, provides a spacious venue for the Dong people's social mass, meeting and festival celebrating.

The Maximum Height

The total height of Sanjiang Drum Tower is 42.6 meters. It is the tallest tower in China.

The Most Floors

In addition to the roof of a two-tier, the remaining 25 received sub-layer tile surface offset, layers of crunch, pyramid-shaped, dignified and smooth, there were in total of  27 floor tile eaves.

The Maximum Main Column.Drum Tower with performance in Sanjiang

The diameter of the four fir columns which support the main drum in Sanjiang Drum Tower are all more than 70cm. The first main fir column is 208 years old, diameter of 85 cm, 27 meters length,  the second main pillar is 206 years old, the third and fourth main column are more than a hundred years old also. This is unprecedented in the history of the Drum Tower Building.


Sanjiang Drum Tower Tour

While designing the Sanjiang Drum Tower, the craftsman gathered all the prime of the drum towers. In order to inlarge the view function, the drum tower in total built 4 layer viewing stand and the highest viewing stand is on 25th floor. On the base of the drum tower carved vivid relievos of daily life scenes.

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