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A 1.2-mile-long beach that is one of the most popular and is only 1.8 miles southeast of Sanya. Dadonghai is one of the most popular tropical seaside holiday areas in Hainan ProvinceView of Dadonghai between Mt. Tuziwei and Mt. Luhuitou. Clear blue sea, sunshine, white sand and green trees creat a beautiful location in the Torrid Zone. Standing on the top of the small mountain inside the Seashore Park that is 300 meters (about 328 yards) east along the beach, a panoramic view of the beach can be got.

Dadonghai is ideal for diving, beach sports, bathing and sunbathing. It is renowned for water activities in Sanya and throughout China as it has everything to support a seaside tourist location, like a large shopping square on the shore, amusement companies and a famous dive company that can provide scuba diving, ship diving, seabed strolling, speed boat, motorboat, luxury yacht, sail boat, ocean fishing, beach sports and underwater photography.

Dadonghai has spring-like weather all the year with water temperature about 20 centigrade degrees even in winter. This area also features several shopping areas. The largest shopping center is the Sanya-Ruihai Shopping Park, then Dadonghai Pearl Square, Tropical Rain Forest Square, Seashore Lovers Road and Seafood Barbecue Square, are all able to offer leisure for tourists.


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With the charming scenery, the spring-like weather and so many attractive places, therefore Dadonghai is famous as an idyllic spot for winter holiday and relaxation.

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