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Luhuitou Peninsula

Sea view from Luhuitou PeninsulaLuhuitou Peninsula is situated about 5 km (3 miles) south of Sanya City in Hainan Province lying a hill near the seashore, 3 kilometers away from the Sanya city in the south. It is a large cliff shaped like a deer extending into the sea.

History of Luhuitou Peninsula

There is a beautiful love story about Luhuitou Peninsula. Long time ago, a tyrant emperor desired a pair of dear hairy deerhorn, so he forced a Li ethnic young man named Ahei to hunt for deer on the mountainous areas. One day when Ahei was hunting, he saw a beautiful spotted deer was chasing by a panther. He then shot the panther to death with his arrow and run after the deer for nine days and nights. After passing ninety-nine hills, they arrived at the Coral Cliff of Sanya. The deer found no way to escape except jumping into the sea while the hunter were bending his bow and got ready to shoot. Suddenly it turned its head back to look the young man and changed into a beautiful girl walking toward him. Later, the hunter and the girl fell in love and married. In the end, the fairy girl called her brothers to defeat the tyrant and settle down on the cliff. After several generations' hard work, they finally built the Coral Cliff into a beautiful farm. From then on, the romantic hill has been called Luhuitou.

Luhuitou Hill, at an altitude of about 280 meters (918 feet), is the main peak of Luhuitou Peninsula. It is a pleasant place to appreciate the sunrise and sunset as well as overlook the downtown area of Sanya City. At the foot of the hill, you can see various kinds of halobios, including starfish, crabs, sea cucumbers, actiniae and jellyfish. Up along the hill, a kind of red flower called Triangle Plum will come into view. It is the City Flower of Sanya.

Halfway up the hill of Luhuitou Peninsula, a tuft of Triangle Plum, descending like a waterfall, is a really amazing sight. Not far from the flower and at the foot of an old tree stands a tablet inscribed with the red Chinese characters 'Hai Shi Shan Meng' (a solemn pledge of love). On the branches of the old tree are hanging many ribbons indicating the permanent love of people's prayers. Walking along, you will see a pavilion called Shanmeng (unalterable love) Pavilion containing the Shanmeng Tablet, which corresponds to the four characters mentioned before. At the top of the hill, towers a twelve-meter (39 feet) high granite statue. The statue is really unique in design; Inner view of Luhuitou Peninsulaconsisting of a deer looking back, flanked by the young Li hunter and the beautiful fairy girl, it is a visual reminder of the memorable legend.


Luhuitou Peninsula Tour

Luhuitou Peninsula is not only a romantic peninsula, but also a lush, natural environment covered with deciduous trees and plants. It is the ideal place to spend a winter holiday in China.

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