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Xinglong Tropic Arboretum

Plants in Xinglong Tropic ArboretumXinglong Tropic Arboretum is situated in the Xinglong Hot Spring Scenic Area. It enjoys a worldwide fame for its unique and abundant tropical plants. And it is one of the most popular tourists attractions on Hainan Island.

Xinglong Tropic Arboretum was built in 1957 covering an area of 400,000 sq. meters having 1200 tropical plants. It is nearly perfect for plants to grow. Now the botanic garden does not only play the role as an important agricultural base, but also a famous tourism resort. It is the kingdom for plants. To know what Coco, coffee, peppers and many other plants we may never see them before is an excited experience.


Xinglong Tropic Arboretum Tour

Xinglong Tropic Arboretum is a bright pearl of sceneries explored by Hainan tourism. During the tour to beautiful Sanya, tourists should not miss this famous attraction.

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