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Shanghai Transportation

As the metropolis with busy traffic, transportation is very important for tourists in Shanghai. Frequent flights, trains make your visit a breeze and convenient subways, buses and taxi make you easy to get every corner of Shanghai with a time-saving way on your own.

  • Beijing Airline Beijing Airline

    Two airports in Shanghai are in used for domestic and international flights. Hongqiao Airport is located on the eastern edge of central Shanghai and Pudong International Airport is located in the western area.

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  • Shanghai Train Shanghai Train

    Nearly all trains coming into and leaving Shanghai go through the Shanghai Train station located in the northern part of the city. Tickets can be bought at the station, but it's far more convenient to go through your hotel or travel agent.

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  • Shanghai Subway Shanghai Subway

    Shanghai has a highly efficient and clean subway system with 7 underground lines and an elevated light rail. The station announcements are in Chinese and English and signs are posted in pinyin, making the subway a convenient mode of transportation for foreigners.

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  • Shanghai Bus Shanghai Bus

    Buses in Shanghai are mostly clean and comfortable but they may be hard for you to manage unless you understand Chinese, though most have screens or announcements that broadcast in English. Usually RMB 1 for regular buses and RMB 2 for air-condition buses.

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  • Shanghai Taxi Shanghai Taxi

    Shanghai has some of the best taxis in China, the ubiquitous Volkswagen Santana and newer sports utility vehicles and vans are also starting to appear. All certified taxis have a white placard with the driver's picture, license number and stars, which designate rank.

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