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Chenghuang Temple

chenghuang temple at night in ShanghaiChenghuang Temple, the temple of the city god of Shanghai. Each Chinese city used to have a city god based on the Taoist pantheon of Chinese deities and they were worshipped in these colorful temples. Loud, crowded and full of eager worshippers, these temples were rambunctious places where people would gather in front of their preferred god and pray for health and wealth, and being Shanghai, perhaps more for wealth.

Originally the Jinshan Temple, it was rebuilt during the reign of Emperor Yongle of the Ming dynasty in the 13th century. Chenghuang Temple was refurbished again in 1926 and today, still drenched in incense smoke, it continues to attract worshippers. In the front hall is a statue ofa Han dynasty general while in the back hall stands Qin Yubo, the god of Shanghai city.


Chenghuang Temple Tour

Nowadays Chenghuang Temple has become a famous snack street in Shanghai, so during the tour to Shnahai, tourists should not miss the chance to enjoy the delicious food here!