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Huangpu River

Huangpu river under blue sky in ShanghaiThe Huangpu River, one of the most important rivers in Shanghai, like an undulating dragon from Wusong to the East Sea. The river cuts across the city of Shanghai, dividing it into two regions, Pudong to the east and Puxi to the west. The famous Shanghai Port is situated on this river. In the past several decades, Shanghai Port has been developed to be the port with the largest throughput in China.


Sightseeing along Huangpu River

A sightseeing trip on the Huangpu River could offer some interesting perspectives on Shanghai Bund and the riverfront activities from the waters. You can enjoy the nice scenery of the river, but also get a feeling of passing through a corridor of history about Shanghai.

The best way to see the complete scenery of Shanghai and have a full view of Huangpu River is to take a boat trip. On one side, you can find the Bund, where stand a large group of foreign-style buildings with an exotic atmosphere, and the Bund Bridge - the first steel frame bridge on Huangpu River, and the first park in Shanghai - Huangpu Park.

During the cruise along Huangpu River, you can find the obvious differences of architecture between the east bank and the west bank. On the west bank, a lot of western-style buildings can be seen, full of exotic flavor, while on the east bank, rows of the night view of Huangpu Riverskyscrapers spring up and rise above the clouds. Whether it is in the daytime or at night, the views along the river are the same beautiful. The great modern skyscrapers and the characteristic buildings in different architectural styles are the best records of the development of the city and the Huangpu River, the birthplace of Shanghai, is the faithful eyewitness.

Sailing all the way, you can catch sight of the biggest steel factory in China - Baoshan Steel Corporation, and the ruins of Wusong Ancient Fort. Where the East China Sea, Huangpu River and Yangtze River meets, there is a unique seascape.

The appearance of the water color here, are greenish seawater of the East China Sea, yellow water from Yangtze River and the gray color water from Huangpu River, people called it "Three Color Water". This bizarre way of mother natural mixing color, we like to say, there is no place like it on earth!


Huangpu River Tour

With beautiful night scenery and so many famous buildings on both banks, Huangpu River is really worth visit during Shanghai tour. And the excellent experience will deeply impress you.