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People Square

the people's square with fountainPeople Square is a large public square adjacent to Nanjing Road in the Huangpu District of Shanghai, China. It Square is the site of Shanghai's municipal government headquarter building, and is used as the standard reference point for measurement of distance in the Shanghai municipality.

Shanghai People Square occupies a large portion of the geographic city center and is home to Shanghai's city hall. The lawns and plazas making up People Square hint at the old racetrack that once occupied the grounds. Of all the Western extravagances throughout old Shanghai, none was more celebrated by the wealthy than the horse races. Held twice annually, schools and businesses went on holiday and all social life focused on the outcomes of the races and the surrounding festivities. The rich imported horses from Arabia and Mongolia were trained throughout the year in preparation for their big day. After 1949, the racetrack was converted into the People's Park to offer festivities all could enjoy. Other parts of the race course still remain. The clubhouse buildings became the Shanghai Art Museum, while part of the race track became People's Park, a public park.

People Square is now mainly used for transit, and the addition of several cultural centers has increased tourism. Expansion of the park and open spaces gives locals a pleasant place to enjoy balmy springs and crisp autumns in Shanghai. The square remains quite crowded, especially during rush hour and ongoing construction only seems to exacerbate congestion, however, it is also a good place to fly kites, enjoy an evening stroll or read a book and people watch.

In the 1990s, major changes were made to People Square. The Shanghai Municipal Government building was moved from the former HSBC Building, and the Shanghai Museum was also moved away from its previous site in a former office building. More recent additions include the Shanghai Grand Theatre and the Shanghai Urban Planning Exhibition Hall.


People Square Tour

With so many modern architecture here, tourists could enjoy the beautiful sightseeing here. While after the tour to People Square, tourists could pay a visit to the most famous attractions Nanjing Road and Huangpu River.