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Shanghai Alleys

the old narrow alley in ShanghaiShanghai Alleys, the most important component of Shanghai local culture in modern times, compose the most important architectural features of modern Shanghai. To know alleys is to know Shanghai and Shanghai people. Shanghai Alleys contain the the typical houses in Shanghai, which integrate the traditional Chinese lifestyle and modern commercial culture. Alleys are connected clusters of houses that have uniform style and spread in the form of a fishbone. The only gate connected with the street is the alley porch, which is usually an arcaded building. There is a small atrium in every house in the alley and there is a small "pavilion booth and terrace in the rear end of each house. Typical examples include Bugao Alley and Jianye Alley on West Jianguo Road, and Nianwuxincun and Simingcun on Middle Yan'an Road.

In the 1930s, Shanghai developed into a world famous metropolis with plenty of exotic new alleys emerging. Although new Shanghai Alleys retained the basic pattern, they were obviously westernized and modernized. Typical examples include Verdun Garden on South Shanxi Road. Huaihaifang on Middel Huaihai Road. Jing'an Villa on West Nanjing Road, and Yongquanfang on Yuyuan Road.


Shanghai Alleys Tour

During the tour to Shanghai, walking along the alleys you could both enjoy the ancient architecture and experience the traditional Chinese lifestyle which will make your Shanghai tour much more meaningful.