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Shanghai Museum

the outside view of Shanghai museumShanghai Museum often ranked as China's best museum, the new building was completed in 1996 at a cost of RMB 570 million and is a modern and well-kept facility. The museum was designed by Shanghai architect Xing Tonghe to evoke the image of a ding, an ancient Chinese vessel, and architecturally,  it's a harmonious fusion of ancient and contemporary styles. The entrance, flanked by six stone lions and two stone bixi, mythical ancient Chinese beasts, opens onto a wide plaza with benches for sitting and music at night. Inside, China's greatest display of art and artifacts awaits the visitor.

Though museums in Beijing and Xi'an have larger collections, nowhere are they better exhibited. Its 14 galleries house collections of bronzes, sculptures, ceramics, paintings, calligraphy, seals, jades, coins, furniture and ethnic minority art. Whereas most major Chinese museums are arranged chronoloically by dynasties, the exhibits in the Shanghai Museum are arranged by theme, allowing the visitor to observe the progression of aesthetics and style. Signs introducing the objects are in Chinese as well as English and the track lighting is focused and bright. For anyone visiting Shanghai, or China for that matter, the museum is a must see. Chinese history and culture buffs will likely find one day too short to take in the extensive collection and with over 1 20, 000 artifacts to choose from, the displays are often changed, makingShanghai Museum worth a return visit.

Different Halls of Shanghai Museum

Ancient Bronzes Hall
China's Shang and Zhou-period bronzes are an important testimony to the ancient civilization of the country. When visitors enter the Ancient Bronzes Hall, the presentation and atmosphere of the rooms expresses the cultural inside view of Shanghai Museumatmosphere of the bronze age. The subdued dark-green tone of the walls imparts an ancient atmosphere, the simple and elegant display cases and the lighting are carefully designed to enhance the experience. Some 400 exquisite bronze items are displayed in a space of 1,200 square meters, perfectly reflecting the history of the development of China's ancient bronze arts.

Calligraphy Hall
The Calligraphy Hall of the Shanghai Museum includes works from many dynasties; in chronological order it displays the history of the marvelous genius of Chinese calligraphic arts. The aura of the hall is scholarly and elegant, assisted by automatic lighting in display cases that protects the art by shining only when the visitor is viewing a work. Among these works are a number of unique world treasures.

Chinese Painting Hall
The Chinese Painting Hall of the Shanghai Museum similarly has a touch of traditional architectural style to it, combined with an atmosphere of Confucian elegance. Around 120 masterpieces are displayed in the 1,200 square-meter exhibition space. These date from the Tang dynasty to modern times but do not include contemporary works.

the art work in the Shanghai MuseumMing and Qing Furniture Hall
The apex of Chinese furniture creation occurred during the Ming and Qing dynasties. Walking into the Ming and Qing Furniture Hall is like walking back into the gardens and rooms of the Ming and Qing dynasty. In some 700 square meters of space are exhibited some 100 pieces of superlative Chinese Ming and Qing-dynasty furniture. Among these are Ming pieces that are fluid in line and harmonious in proportion. The Qing pieces have more complex ornamentation and are often made of thicker, heavier wood.

Underground Part
The underground part of the Shanghai Museum also has some courtyard gardens that imitate authentic Chinese traditions. Although these are hidden deeply underground, their architecture and environment seem light and airy.
Chinese culture is a result of the melding and collaboration of many nationalities. During its long history, minority nationalities have created their own colorful cultures. From clothes to textiles, metal wares, sculptures, pottery, lacquer and bamboo wares, the exotic styles of their artwork present us a general picture of creativity and passion toward life of those ethnic groups.


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