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Shanghai Souvenirs

the cups of souvenirs in ShanghaiIn Shanghai, nothing approaches the status of Shanghai shopping. The Shanghainese are consummate shoppers with some of the best eyes for fashion and bargains in all of Asia. The city is literally filled with places where you can spend your money.

The major Shanghai shopping districts are found in the Old French Concession near the Shaanxi South Road metro station, the Huangpi South Road metro station (including Xintiandi), in the Old International Settlement on Nanjing West Road, and near the Bund along the Nanjing East Road Pedestrian Mall.

The most distinctive of all Shanghai shopping places follows Shaanxi South Road between Yan'an Road to the north and Fuxing Road to the south. This strip and most of the roads branching off it are filled with stores selling shoes, famous label clothing at discount prices, antiques and curios.

A major highlight of Shanghai shopping is just south of Huaihai Road where the Xiangyang Market buzzes with stands selling everything from imitation North Face and Louis Vuitton to Chinese silks and painted fans. The pace of this market is frenetic and on the weekends it often surges to near capacity. All prices are negotiable and hard bargaining pays off. If you know how much you want to pay, stick to your price and try walking away if they won't come down. Repeat visits often yield good friendships with the local merchants, though it's always wise to beware of shoddy merchandise-the old adage "you get what you pay for" often holds true.

The area around Huangpi South Road is filled with large department stores and clothing shops where is a hot Shanghai shopping area. Heading south from here brings you to Xintiandi, Shanghai's newest European-style arcade filled with high-end boutiques, the red dragon vase of Shanghai souvenirsrestaurants and bars. Xintiandi draws large crowds whether by day or night Shops featuring everything from haute couture to designer home furnishings buzz alongside Italian, Mexican and German restaurants as well as jazz and cigar bars.

The old International Settlement along Nanjing West Road is home to some of China's most exclusive shopping, including Cartier, Hermes and Louis Vuitton. Spread throughout several high-end shopping centers, it's a place where money is on display and many without come to gawk at those with.

At the other end of Nanjiing Road, approaching the Bund along the pedestrian street, you come to what may be Shanghai's largest concentration of mid to low priced shops featuring everything from clothes to kitchen knives. Also being one of Shanghai's largest tourist areas, this part of Nanjing Road is always filled with people, many visiting Shanghai from other parts of China. It's a place to shop, to eat and drink, to people-watch and to stroll.