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Shanghai Airport

the flight in Shanghai airportHongqiao Airport

Hongqiao Airport is located on the eastern edge of central Shanghai and is easily reached by private hotel shuttles and taxis. This airport handles all domestic flights throughout mainland China and Hainan Island and some international flights. The departure tax is RMB 50, and international tax is RMB 90.

Getting to/from the airport: Taxis from this relatively central location to most places in Shanghai should be around RMB 30 to 50. A RMB 15 toll is added to whatever is on the meter.

Shanghai Pudong International Airport

Located roughly 22 miles(35 km)from the heart of the city, this newly opened airport is Shanghai's door to the world Departures are on the upper floor and arrivals on the bottom floor. Departing passengers on international flights must fill a departure card and pay the airport fee before heading to the security
check. Because these procedures, in addition to check-in time, can be time consuming, airlines advise international passengers to show up at the airport 2.5
hours before departure.

Getting to/from the airport: Taxis are available outside the airport. A taxi to Pudong will cost around RMB 100 to 150, to Puxi it'll cost from RMB 130 to 160. If there is no traffic, the trip should be about 1 hour; if there is traffic, be the flight of Shanghai Airportprepared to wait.

Many upscale hotels can arrange for private cars or limousines to pick up and drop off guests. This service should cost RMB 120 to 300. Hotels also commonly operate airport shuttle buses, Be sure to reserve your private car or seat on a shuttle bus prior to your arrival or departure.

Also available are airport shuttle buses, but unless you know where to get off, it's probably better to take a cab.
For those who have somewhere to go quickly the newly opened Maglev, which goes about 186 mph (300 kmh) per hour, runs from the airport to Pudong for RMB 50.