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Bitahai Lake

Located in the east of Shangri-La County, Bitahai Lake is about 3500 meters (about 3828 yards) above sea level. It occupies an area of about 159 hectares (around 393 acres) with an average depthBitahai Lake view of 20 meters (about 22 yards) and the maximum depth of 40 meters. The total water area is 159 hectares, which is very clear and tranquil. If you row a boat on the water on a fine day, you will see the water world 10 meters below.

In Tibetan Bita means a place with a dense oak forest and "Bitahai Lake" means a quiet lake. There is a legend about the lake: a goddess dropped her mirror carelessly to the earth when she was making up. Then the mirror was broken into pieces and became lakes on the plateau. Among these pieces, the most beautiful piece with green jade turned into today's Bitahai Lake.

The Bitahai Lake is surrounded by mountains with ancient pines, oaks and rhododendrons, like an emerald in the heart of the mountain. In the center of the lake lies an islet shaped like a boat sailing in the lake with an area of 30 meters (about 33 yards) above the water level. Here, birds twitter happily and flowers release their pleasant fragrances. Some boats can take tourists there, and on the island grow dense spruce, abies-fabri and rhododendron woods. All of the green grass, zigzags, singing birds and fragrant flowers make you feel that you are in a fairy world.

Right around Bitahai Lake there is a dense rhododendron forest, whose flowers are often in full bloom. Every year around June and July, petals of the rhododendrons fall onto the lake surface The green waterwith the wind. When the passing fish eat these rhododendron petals (which are slightly poisonous) they can be seen on their backs with their white bellies exposed as they float upside-down amongst the petals as if they are drunk, so it is called "rhododendron making fish drunk". It is now the best-known sight of Bitahai Lake. It is also said that in the past bears in the nearby mountains often came out in the moonlight to catch these intoxicated fish.

The Bitahai Lake Nature Reserve is in the subtropical zone. It is rich in wild animals and plants. The vegetation is characterized by abies fabri. Among the rare animals and birds, clouded leopards, black necked cranes, red green-tailed pheasants are Class-A species under state protection, and rhesus monkeys, lynxes serows, red pheasants, Tibetan eared pheasants are Class-B species under state protection. There are also some economic and fancy animals such as black bears, brown bears, Tibetan pikas, parrots and Carrulax canoruses.


Bitahai Lake Tour

Bitahai Lake is famous for its limpid water and its beautiful scenery set against its surrounding mountains and forests. During the tour, every visitor will be lost in the charming scenery.

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