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Futian Natural Mangrove Preserve

Birds in the preserveFutian Natural Mangrove Preserve belongs to marine woody plants group, which is mainly made up of plants of mangrove section. The mangrove tree is in light red color on its trunk, hence its name. Situated by the Shenzhen Bay, the preserve that is the smallest natural reserve at national level is home to many rare species of plants, containing milky mangroves and black mangroves. There are also some rare and precious plants like kandelia candal.

Futian Natural Mangrove Preserve also houses a state-class birds and migratory birds in the Eastern Hemisphere. According to statistics, the birds' species can reach 180 at the most, and 20 of them are rare and precious under international and national protection. The vast nature reserve features a flat terrain and a variety of natural sights such as swamp, seashore and forest. The Natural Reserve of Mangrove Forest has been listed as one of the units under special protection by the alliance of International Nature and Natural Resources Preservation. It also belongs to the "Man and Biosphere" network.


Futian Natural Mangrove Preserve Tour

If you want to get closer to nature and feel the breath of nature, pay a visit to Futian Natural Mangrove Preserve will meet your needs during the tour to Shenzhen. And the trip will make you feel comfortable and relaxed.

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