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Palkhor Monastery

a full view of Palkhor MonasteryPalkhor Monastery, also called Palcho Monastery, is very different from other monasteries. It lies at the foot of Dzong Hill,  about 143 miles south of Lhasa and 62 miles east of Shigatse. Built as a Tibetan monastery, its structural style is unique. The building houses monks from the Gelugpa, Sakyapa, and Kahdampa orders. Although they once quarreled and fought, the different orders eventually discovered a way to get along with each other.

Palkhor Monastery is the only one known to house monks from different orders in harmony. As a result, its structural style, enshrined deities, and murals are very special. Palkhor also features the Bodhi stupa, or Kumbum in Tibetan, which was built in l4l2 and completed ten years later. Deemed the symbol of the monastery, the spectacular stupa consists of hundreds of chapels in layers, housing about 100,000 images of various iconic figures, including Buddhas, bodhisattvas, vajras, dharma kings, arhats, disciples, great leaders of different orders in Tibetan Buddhist history, and such outstanding figures in Tibetan history as Songtsen Gampo and Trisong Detsen.


Palkhor Monastery Tour

Because of the great number of statues, Palkhor Monastery is also referred to as the Myriad Buddhas Stupa. So during the tour to Tibet, it is a must-see attraction.