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Yamdrok Yumtso

Yamdrok Yumtso lake with mountain aroundYamdrok Yumtso (or Yamdrok-tso), one of the three holiest lakes in Tibet, lies at Nhagartse, about 62 miles southwest of Lhasa.

According to legend, Yamdrok Yumtso was a fairy who descended to earth. Her husband followed and was transformed into Mount Kampala. Besides Kampala, Yamdro Yumtso is also surrounded by Mount Nyinchenkhasa. Mount Chetung Su, and Mount Changsamlhamo. Befitting its mythical feminine origins, the turquoise blue lake is indescribably beautiful, prompting Tibetans to compare it to a fairyland. Because of its shape, the lake is also called Coral Lake of the Highlands.

The charming Yamdrok Yumtso produces abundant aquatic life. On the surrounding expansive pasture, animals and birds flourish. There are dozens of islets in the lake, on which flocks of birds roost. During the herding season, local herdsmen ferry their flocks of sheep across to these islets because there are no predators there, and they leave them to graze until the onset of winter.


Yamdrok Yumtso Tour

The holy lakeYamdrok Yumtso is also a pilgrimage site for Tibetans. Every summer, troops of pilgrims trek there to pray and receive blessings. Pilgrims believe that its water can make the old young again, grant the middle-aged a longer life, and make children Smarter.