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Humble Administrator Garden

An Attic around by LotusBuilt in 1509, the 4th year during Zhengde reign of the Ming Dynasty, Humble Administration Garden is one of the largest private gardens in China. Along with the Summer Palace, the Mountain Resort of Chengde and the Lingering Garden, it is considered as one of the four most famous gardens in China. The garden was listed as a World Cultural Heritage site and has also been designated as one of the Cultural Relics of National Importance under the Protection of the State as well as a Special Tourist Attraction of China.

Humble Administration Garden lies in Dongbei Street, Inner Dongbei Loumen, in the old city area of Suzhou, which occupies 4.1 hectares (not including administration area and flower nutsery, which occupy approximately 0.67 hectare).

Humble Administration Garden  derived its name from "Chant of Leisure Life" by Pan Yuezhi, a noted scholar in the Jin Dynasty, which reflected retreat of its original owner from political stage. The garden fully demonstrates the Oriental phililosophy and aesthetics conveyed by many other classical Chinese gardens. Over more than 400 years, it has changed hands several times and endured many ups and downs, but remains its original layout tracing back to the Ming Dynasty.

Now, the garden is divided into four parts, namely the eastern part, central part, western part and a dwelling quarter.                                  

Eastern Part

Formed in 1631, this section in Humble Administration Garden consists of beautiful pavilions, crystal-clear pools and elegant corridors. The Lanxue House in the Xianqingchi is beautifully fenced by bamboos, osmanthus and plum trees. On the south of the pool are a number of man-made hills with tiny caves. In its west are bamboo and phoenix tree forests with small rivers flow.

Western Garden

Its basic layout was established in 1877 and named the "Supplementary Garden" (Bu Yuan). There are the Pagoda Reflection Pavilion (Taying Ting) and the Lingering Sound House (Liuting Ge) - the main buildings in this section. And the newly built 18 Camellias Hall (Shiba Mantuoluohua Guan) and the 36 Pairs of Mandarin Duck's Hall (36-Yuanyang Guan).

Central Garden

Pretty picture of pavilions and flowersThis part in Humble Administration Garden is the essence of the Humble Administrator Garden. It maintaines the essential characters of Suzhou gardens that is with pools and small rivers all around as well as the "hills" in the middle of lakes. Here the great artifacts is "The Picture of the Humble Administrator Garden".

Dwelling Quarter in Humble Administration Garden

The dwelling quarter is filled with typical Suzhou architectures used as residential houses for the administrator and his family. But now it serves as the exhibition halls of the Museum of the Gardens.


Humble Administrator Garden Tour

With a long history and a high fame in China, Humble Administrator Garden Tour is one of the popular tour routes in Suzhou. During the tour, travelers will be lost in the charming scenery.