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Lingering Garden

Water around the HousesWith a typical Qing style, Lingering Garden is famous for its exquisite beauty of the magnificent halls, various sizes, shapes, and colors of the buildings. In 1997, the garden was recorded on the list of the world heritage by UESCO.

Located outside Changmen Gate in Suzhou, Jiangsu Province, Lingering Garden covers an area of 23,300 square meters (about 5.8 acres). Initially, the garden was the east garden of Xu Taishi who was a high-ranking official during the Jiajing regin of the Ming Dynasty. Most gardens in Suzhou were destoryed during the reign of Emperor Xianfeng of the Qing, but this garden was left, hence its current name.

Senic Spots in Lingering Garden

Originally, the artificial hills in Lingering Garden was designed by Zhao Bingzhong who was a renowed gardening architect in the Ming. While, like many architectures in ancient times, this garden as well changed many owners and was built many times. Now the garden involves traditional gardening techniques of South China, creating a harmonious blend between architectural structures and the surroundings.

Man-made mountain and lake scenery lie in the west and garden courts are in the east. The eastern part of Lingering Garden is famous for its strangely shaped limestone; the northern part idyllic scenes and the western part the delights of woody hills.

The middle part of Lingering Garden is regarded as the best part of the whole garden. In the middle area there is centered upon a lake with man-made mountain in the north-west and a number of attractive buildings in the southwest including the Hanbi Moutain Villa, the Pellucid Tower, the Green Shade Pavilion, the Zigzag Stream Tower, the Hao Pu Pavilion, and the Refreshing Houses and the PoolBreeze Pavilion by the lake. The mountains that are made of yellow stones together with earth seem quite archaic and splendiferous. In the east the admirable Crane House, the Small Garden of Stone Forest, the Return-to-Read Study which are together with Celestial Hall of Five Peaks as the chief structure are laid out in such a way that the indoor spaces have been brought into perfect harmony with the outdoor spaces.

Lingering Garden displays 42 rooms and halls as well as a 670-meter-long roofed walkway, 200 lattice windows, stunning stone carvings, many ancient trees such as gingko and southern wisteria. In addition, these rooms house stunning carvings and calligraphy that are valuable and worth a visiting.


Lingering Garden Tour

With the most charming scenery and various colors of buildings and pavilion, Lingering Garden is one of the four most famous gardens in China and attracts a lot of tourists of Suzhou tour.