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Lion Grove Garden (Shizilin)

Houses and the poolLion Grove Garden, Blue Wave Pavilion, Lingering Garden and Humble Administrator's Garden are the four most famous and representative gardens of ancient classical style in Suzhou City. Constructed in 1342, the 2nd year of Zhizheng reign of the Yuan Dynasty, Lion Grove Garden is located on 23 Yuanlin Road, in the northeast of Suzhou. Inside the garden there are many rockeries in the shape of a lion, hence its name.

The east part of the Lion Grove Garden is decorated with a number of rockeries while the west is covered with a huge body of water. To the north is the main structures with the pavilions and halls connected to one another by long galleries that are famous for their unique format.

Attractions in Lion Grove Garden

Generally, the Lion Grove Garden can be divided into three parts, namely, the Ancestral Temple, the Residential Houses and the Courtyards. The Ancestral Temple ever belonged to the Bei's family inAttic admist the pool the passed days. A silence and solemn atmosphere cover this temple which can be easily felt when meandering into it. As the Residential Houses represented by the Yanyu Hall is the main architecture of the Lion Grove Garden. In the back of the hall are four small gardens filled with yulan and peony flowers.

The most noted and attractive scenery in the Lion Grove Garden is the labyrinthine rockery, which was mostly made of the limestone from Taihu Lake in Wuxi City. These rocks were piled up skillfully and ingeniously with most of them looking like lions in different gestures: playing, roaring, fighting, sleeping, or even dancing. People said that looking north from the Small Square Hall (Xiaofangting), one can see nine stone lions standing in a row and that is the Nine-Lion Peak. Due to the changes and ravages of the time and climate, the peak now bears little resemblance to the lines. Spring in Lion Grove GardenAltogether there are 9 paths and 21 caverns cross among the steep peaks, sharp crags and narrow valleys made up by countless grotesque rocks.

Except for 22 buildings, the Lion Grove Garden also possesses 25 tablets, 71 stelae, 5 carved wooden screens and 13 ancient specimen trees. There are mainly hardwoods and some evergreen plants with a variety of kinds. In addition, inside the garden there is an elaborate grotto of Taihu stone which is of 1154 square meters containing a maze of 9 paths winding through 21 caves across 3 levels.


Lion Grove Garden Tour

 Lion Grove Garden preserves the classical Suzhou architectural style with pavilions and towers, and is noted for lakes, artifical mountains and caves. So it is a top attraction of the tour in Suzhou.