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Beautiful PanmenPanmen is the oldest city gate in existence in Suzhou. It lies to the southwest of Suzhou. Panmen used to be one of the eight city gates during the Spring & Autumn Annals (770-476 BC) when Suzhou was the capital of the Wu Kindom. 

The current gate was reconstructed in 1351, which consists of Water and Land Gates, city gate tower and city walls at both sides. Panmen Scenery Area was built on the base of some historic sites by using the architectural structure of classical gardens. It is famous for its numerous historic relics and abundant human landscapes and has been listed as the National AAAA Tourist Area. With the unique architecture, Panmen Gate has become a famous historical landmark in Suzhou.

Wumen Gate Bridge

It is near Panmen Gate and stretches over ancient cannel. It was first built in Song Dynasty and rebuilt in Qing Dynasty, having a history of over 130 years. This bridge is the oldest stone bridge in existence in the Suzhou. It is of 66.3 meters long with the span of 16 meters long, bridge arch is 9.85 meters high. Climbing the stairs, visitors can see waterways seem like a labyrinth, bridges are vertical-horizontal, boats and ships come and go, city wall is continuous, and ancient towers stand towering. A panoramic view of faraway mountains and nearby water and style and features of the ancient city bring special feeling to the visitors.Inner View of Panmen

Auspicious Light Pagoda

The pagoda can be clearly viewed on the bridge. It was originally an attached building of the Buddhist Monastery of Universal Relief. And it was built by Sun Quan, King of Wu, during the Three Kingdoms period. The current pagoda we see was rebuilt during the early years of the Northern Song Dynasty. Next to the Tiger Hill Pagoda, it is the second oldest structure of its kind in the Suzhou.

With a height of 44.42 meters high, the pagoda is a seven-storey octagon structure. the pagoda looks particularly magnificent. Standing on the bridge, a a panoramic view of the picturesque water-land in the Yangtze River Delta can be seen.

Panmen City Gate
One of the three famous view in PanmenHere is the central area of the scenery area. It was first built during the Wu Kingdom of Spring and Autumn Period (770BC-476BC) and is the only well preserved water-and-land city gate in the world now. It contains the land city gate, the water city gate, the city gate tower, the Weng City and the city wall on both sides. The Panmen was ever used for military purpose. The double water city gate is a pioneering work in architectural history. On the gate is a sluice which can be closed and open by a stone gate at any time to control the water and resist aggression. Upon the gate is a city tower that was damaged many times in wars and the current one was built in 1986 to honor the 2,500-year-anniversary of the establishment of Suzhou. Many weapons are displayed on the first floor of the tower. And the city wall is of 300 meters long and 5 meters high. Walking along the slope on the north of the city wall, you can see the whole arrangement of Panmen City Gate.


Panmen Tour

During the tour to Suzhou, tourists should not miss these three famous sceneries from where you will both enjoy the beautiful scenery and learn the history of the city!