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Tiger Hill

Tiger Hill is a popular attraction because of its natural beauty and historical sites. Suzhou was the capital of Wu state during the Spring and Autumn Period. People said that the Tiger Hill was thePagoda in the Tiger Hill tomb of the King Kelu. Three days after his funeral, someone saw a white tiger squatting besides the tomb, hence its name the Tiger Hill.

Tiger Hill lies in the southwest of Suzhou City, it is one of the most renowned tourist destinations in Suzhou. It is no doubt that the hill is a wonderful sight with its leaning pagoda, Sword-testing Stone, the Thousand Men Rock, sword pond, etc.

The pagoda stands on the summit of Tiger Hill and belongs to Yunyan Temple. It is the symbol of Suzhou because it is the oldest pagoda in the vicinity of Suzhou. The seven-storey pagoda was built in the Northern Song Dynasty(959-961). It is of 48 meters high with leaning 359' to the northwest for the past four hundred years.

It is said that the Sword-testing Stone on Tiger Hill was used by the King Kelu who was a enthusiastic collector of rare swords. He always tasted the swords on this stone. The crevice made in the rock is the only evidence of the existence of these swords which are believed to be buried beneath the Sword Pool as funerary objects. People also said that the 1,000 workers who built the tomb were put to death after completion of the task.

Tiger HillLu Yu Well is another site worthing visiting on Tiger Hill. Lu Yu was an the author of the book entitled 'The Treatise of Tea'. It is on the hill that he wrote this famous book and excavated the well and declared that the water from it was the third best in all China.


Tiger Hill Tour

In addition to the above attractions, there are several other attractions amazing and attractive to visitors on Tiger Hill. So during the tour, tourists will enjoy the most beautiful scenery of Suzhou.