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Taiji Quan Class tour

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Class Duration: 1-2 hour
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Tour Itinerary


1) The terrace beneath the CCTV Tower, Haidian District, Beijing.
2) East of Sacred Bridge in Temple of Heaven, Chongwen District.
3) Open ground in front of China Social Science Literature Building, Zhongguancun Silicon Valley.
4) Open areas of your hotel.
5) Any suitable places per your request.
Organizers: Sanfeng Taiji Class and Beijinglandscapes
How do we teach in our class?
Our Taiji Quan class lasts 1-2 hours and is sectioned into the following main steps:
1. The brief introduction to the origin, development, classification and function of Taiji Quan will be made by your masters in the class.
(10-15 minutes). Taiji Master will give a full presentation of "to-be-taught" Taiji Quan.
2.You will be taught according to your age, interest and physical condition. You can select from a range of class options. (40-60 minutes)
3.Taking parting in any one of these options will cerntainly raise your interest in China’s Taiji and will also lay a good foundation for further study.
4.After each class, competitions will be held to test what you have acquired during the lesson. The winner will get special Chinese gifts.
Taiji Quan ( Taichi ) :
Taiji originated from ancient China. Nowadays, it is practiced as an exercise for health; it is suitable for almost anyone; it is easy to learn for health improvement; it has gentle and circular movements; it integrates the body and mind; it has many different forms; it is enjoyable to practice; it is known in China for centuries to be effective for arthritis.

The term "Taiji" refers to the yin-yang principle of the interplay between two opposite forces in nature. The "Quan" literally means "fist", a kind of unarmed combat. Taiji Quan ( Taichi ) is one style of ancient martal arts in China and the most widely practiced martial arts in the world. Taiji Quan is based on the simple principle of the soft overcoming the hard. Concentrating on correct posture and breathing control, Tai Chi's movements are fluid, graceful and well balanced, promoting the complete harmony of body and mind. Tai Chi provides the mental relaxation and physical fitness so essential in our modern stress-filled lives.

Tai Chi is an unusual form of martial arts whereby we believe in building strength - mental and physical from within, softness is stronger than hardness, moving in a curve is better than a straight line, yielding is more efficient than confronting. It is especially different from western types of sports such as rugby where the harder and quicker the better. Tai Chi is a sport that strengthens the body as well as the mind from within.

Taiji Quan composed of eight primary postures (including warding off, rolling back, squeezing, pressing, splitting, pulling, elbowing-striking and shoulder-striking) and five steps (including advance, retreating, leftward steps rightward steps and steps when body being erect). It is also called “Thirteen-Form". There are five major schools in Taji Quan - Chen-style, Yang-style, Wu-style, Wu-style, Sun-style.
The traditional Taiji Quan has the special functions of keeping fit, preventing and curing diseases, performing, self-defense and cultivating temperament.

Tour Price for Per Person(US$)
Price List for Taiji Quan Class Tour - price for per person
Group Size
1 person
2~5 persons
6~9 persons
10 persons and above
US$ 47
US$ 36
US$ 21
US$ 16

Price including:
1. Pick-up and drop-off from your hotel.
2. Air-conditioned car, van or minibus for your private group.
3. Entrance tickets of the sightseeing.
4. Private driver and English-speaking tour guide.
5. Fee of learning Taiji Quan.

Price excluding:
Tips to the guide and driver.

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Traveller Reviews of: Taiji Quan Class tour
Written by: Sharon ★★★★★ Added: 2012-06-27

I just wanted to reconfirm what an excellent Beijing tour I received today. The tour was absolutely perfect for my needs. I wanted to learn Chinese taiji for a long time and today my dream came true. In the morning, the tour guide picked me up from my hotel and we started to learn in a park near my hotel. I was so appreciated the excellent arrangement to save my time. My teacher was so patient and I had a good performance finally. Thank you again for the wonderful tour!

Written by: laura Walker ★★★★★ Added: 2011-01-20

We were taken to the Temple of heaven to learn Taiji Quan, there were a lot of people paly Taiji. Most of them were middle-aged and elderly people, but all looked very healthy and full of energy. The tour guide asked a Taiji master to teach us. The master was so responsible and taught us very carefully, the tour guide explain the words for us and we felt so good. We could play it when the class over, we also got the prise of out master, we were so happy about this tour! Thanks.

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