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Shuanglin Temple

the Kwan-yin statue in Shuanglin TempleThe Shuanglin Temple, is a time-honored Buddhist temple and part of the World Heritage Site of Pingyao, stands in the countryside about 7 kilometers southwest of the ancient city. It was originally founded in the 6th century during the Northern Wei period, although the present buildings date to the Ming and Qing dynasties.

Shuanglin Temple is famous for Chinese scholar trees of the Tang Dynasty and bells of the Ming Dynasty, as well as exquisite ancient architectures. The temple is particularly noted for painted sculptures, hence its reputation as "Museum of Clay Sculpture." There are more than 2,000 well-preserved clay sculptures dating from the 12th-19th centuries, with superb craftsmanship, of which the tallest is about 3 meters in height and the smallest 30 centimeters.
The Shuanglin Temple was listed as a key, cultural relics site under the protection of the Shanxi provincial government on May 24, 1965. It was declared as the key site for national cultural protection in 1988. And in 1997, along with the City Wall and Zhenguo Temple, it was listed in the World Heritage Directory and praised as 'a real and unique treasure' by UNESCO.


Shuanglin Temple Tour

Since it was opened to the public in 1979, Shuanglin Temple has attracted increasing numbers of visitors. With such a high reputation, tourists of Pingyao tour should not miss the chance to visit this popular attraction.

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