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Old Culture Street

the Old Culture Street in TianjinThe Old Culture Street, a reconstructed antique marketplace in the Nankai District, is a good place to scour for traditional Chinese art and souvenirs. Most of the items here, knick-knacks like meditation balls, stone seals and iade(or faux-jade) jewelry are aimed directly for tourists.

There's also a marvelous array of less common items such as traditional kites and clay figurines of mythological figures and opera characters available at many shops. These figurines are famous in Tianjin, especially those made by the Zhang family. Unlike the colorful clay figures from other parts of China, the works by the Zhangs are a reflection on life, the eyes of these small mud men figurines express sorrow, happiness, Joy and frustration. The Zhang's and other shops selling these figurines can be found on the Old Culture Street.

During the Spring FestivaI (Chinese New Year), the marketplace along Old Culture Street is clogged with vendors selling paintings and calligraphy that are hung on doorways and windows for good luck in the New Year. A handful of shops sell these ecorations all year around and they make for interesting gifts. During Spring Festival, the whole city is kitted out in red. whole windows are plastered with red paper cuttings of flowers and good luck symbols. The normal grey drab of northern Chinese cities suddenly turns scarlet red as any available piece of frontage is pasted with these festive decorations.


Old Culture Street Tour

Known as the antique marketplace, Old Culture Street is very popular among foreign friends. If time allows, during the tour to Tianjin, just walk along this old street, maybe you will find some antiques you like.

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