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My First Travel to Jinshanling Great Wall

This is my first time to Beijing, the capital city of China. The city is quite populous, just like I imagined and pretty impressive for a modern metropolis. I landed in the airport in the afternoon and my private tour guide Janet picked me up and took me to my downtown hotel. There was no much for me to do except some leisurely wondering in a public park nearby for the rest of the day.

Jinshanling Great Wall

Early in the morning of the next day, Janet showed up at my hotel and knocked on my door while I was still in the middle of a Chinese breakfast. She gave me enough time to finish my meal before we headed out and hit the road for Jinshanling just as we said yesterday. It was a fun ride over there and we talked non-stop about travel and all. Pretty soon, we got there. Jumped off the bus and started heading for the entrance of the Great Wall. Looking out at the Great Wall far-away, it was quite impressive as the snaking wall marched its way along the rugged hills. It totally took my breath away when I stood on the solid wall myself. A sense of awe and serenity filled my heart right away! I knew I fell in love with the crumbling wall at first sight.

My trekking on the wall was quite challenging yet it was totally worthwhile. Amazing views all around, great pics everywhere on the wall, less travelers as well as crumbling tower remains all over, and moreover, great and fine day as it was – all made my trekking on the wall a fun and blood-pumping experience! More than that, Janet also made our trekking more fun by telling me lots of legends and stories revolving around the Great Wall. I really enjoyed a fabulous time and had lots of fun while trekking along the crumbling wall with Janet. We got plenty of group photos taken also on the wall. It was really fun and amazing that I got such a chance to enjoy the fresh outdoor air and test my guts with such an adrenaline-pumping hiking to Jinshanling! Just loved every minute of it!

When we got off the wall, it was already dark, we wasted no time to catch our bus back in town. We were both very tired and all yet we were both glad we enjoyed ourselves together!

Grand Atmosphere, Fresh Feeling

I was a fresh Badaling Great Wall visitor, together with my family, we booked this great wall day tour last Sunday. By the chance of visiting our relatives staying in China, we widened our vision appreciating elegant Badaling Great Wall. In the beginning, we did not know what to prepare and what to pay attention.

Tour guide was a middle-aged sister who was engaged in tour guide for ten years. We felt very happy and exciting on the whole journey. My mother asked many questions about Beijing Great Wall sections, such as background, history, the elegant building project and many other essences. Tour guide gave us the detail information. About 1 hour, the elegant appearance of Badaling Great Wall appeared to us. It seemed to be playing hidden and seeking game with us, faintly and clear. Walking to the foot of this section, I saw many tourists have arrived at its middle-body. The vendors here are more crowded than the tour guide said, shouting and laughing. We came here for climbing. Cable car is redundant for us at this time. Together with the crowded hikers, we started our exciting journey. What made us the happiest is that weather showed unique warm. Wind is also becoming warm and comfortable.

Badaling Great Wall

Stages are very easy to conquer in the beginning. We appreciate the sophisticated wall buildings and the elegant watchtowers. Through the watchtowers, the landscapes far distance showed more mysterious and dazzling. There are many foreign tourists taking their children. Compared with the elegant buildings, the little children showed more delicate and lovely. To our surprised, when we climbed up to the middle way, there still many vendors and small restaurants. How do they get there? Every day, they came here? Many questions appeared in my mind. This time, we started to feel tired and boring. Every stage for us is like an elegant mountain. I was reluctant to climb, staying in the desk of the eating stores, relaxing and appreciating. My legs started to trembled constantly. My father helped me, we went on. Scenery in the higher section showed more fresh and charming. Every short section, there will be a notice writing the distance getting to next top. We counted and did our best climbing. At last, we arrived at the top, out of breath. Wow, how wonderful scenery having an overview! All the things showed small and delicate.

Badaling Great Wall will mark my memory forever, especially the unique hiking experience!

A Little Hot Weather, Exciting Journey

My son is very interested in Chinese Great Wall buildings, so this time I booked this Badaling and Ming Tombs tour last Saturday. I want to take him to explore and realize his dream. After getting this news, he got very exciting and happy. To be honest, I stayed in China so long time but without any ideas to it. I only knew China housed numerous heritages.

Ming Tombs

The first destination we appreciate is called Ming Tombs. It is a large scale tomb area buried Chinese history 13 emperors. Hearing this, I think it is full of mystery and fairies. Beijing spring is hotter same as summer. I took off the coat and bought water. Water and food here are expensive beyond my imagination. At that time, I got hesitated about the afternoon Great Wall hiking. Badaling Great Wall is not far from Ming Tombs. Perhaps, because of the hot weather, sitting on the bus, I want to sleep. My son persuaded me to inspire and go on. What impressed is the charming scenery here with light breeze. Tourists here are not so crowded like the tourists said. In fact, I want to take the cable car but forbidden by my son. He got very interested. Appreciating this dragon-style section, it is so elegant and grand seemed to seize all the things into its body. Stepping on the building, I felt fresh air, appreciating the green color creatures.

Badaling Great Wall

Taking pictures becomes the main task of my son. However, every step for me is like a mountain to climb. Watch towers are waiting for our appreciating. I did my best to climb. My son did not get any tired. Every section is so easy for him that he was the first to arrive at the top. My wife and I sited for a while, drinking water. For the fresh climbers, we are doing our best. About 1.5 hours hiking, we arrived at the top. Having a bird view, all the scenery reflected unique fresh and dazzling, especially the wall buildings and the watchtowers. It is just like a picture telling every tourist Chinese past and glorious culture.

On the way back, my son gave me many detail information about Chinese history, great wall buildings functions and some rules.

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