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Explore the Great Wall Off-the-Tourist-Path

Last week, me and my friend Leo visited a wild section of the Great Wall called Shixiaguan. The hiking we did out there is just incredible and the whole adventure is full of blood-pumping experiences. It felt so different to walk the unrestored wall and we both had a great time and fun while exploring the deserted wall. It is so amazing to see the original wall up close.

Shixiaguan Great Wall

We made an early start that day and headed out with our guide Joe and 4 other guys on a bus ride to Shixiaguan. It did take long for us to get there and the road is not very busy. Our excitement built up on our way over there as we both never visited the wall before. Soon, we made it there and there is not a soul out there by the time we reached the foothill of the wall. Pretty soon, we started to hike up the path. In the beginning, it is easy to hike along the path, but later, the path got very steep and it is quite difficult for us to climb up and down those steep parts. It felt so dangerous to climb up and down the steep parts of the path and we had to be more careful with every step we took. Definitely a whole new experience for both of us! We were both very proud and felt satisfied that we finally made it.

The sights up on the wall are breathtaking and completely blew us away. The ruins of the wall make great postcard photos and we both took dozens of the deserted watch towers and the snaking wall. The wilderness over there seems to go on and on and the snaking wall zigzags its way into the horizon. The sight felt so overwhelming and made it all worth the climbs. It is really fun to hike all the way up the wild wall and some parts of the wall are overgrown with bushes and shrubs, which made it even harder to hike through. We really had a lot of fun and a fabulous time while hiking up and down the path. The trip to the wild section of the wall really completed our trip to China.

Without any shopping stops, we really enjoyed every minute of that day trip and had fun as well!

Adventurous Climbing

Last Saturday, I enjoyed a typical visit to Beijing. I always met the Chinese magnificent Great Wall in the book or on TV.  I really do not know they are so amazing until my appreciation!

Great Wall Tour

With good behaviors, our driver helped us carry our luggage all the way. We do not need to worry about everything. Tour guide is very considerate and informative. She gave us considerate tips and advises on the journey. First attraction is Badaling Great Wall. Perhaps, it is in the autumn season, temperature shows a little colder but the sunshine sent our sparkling light, truly attractive. After arriving at the Badaling Great Wall, I took out my camera; my mother is responsible for the food and my father took care of us. Standing to have an overlook, what appeared is just the tranquil environment and large numbers of tourists. I liked it very much, alive and naughty. After getting some tips, we started our climbing journey. Once stepped on this miracle section, all my nerves are inspired. It is not simply the tourism but deep discover to widen vision.

Great Wall Tour

Along the magnificent wall, we walked and appreciated. The plants on the mountains far away gradually become yellow colors. With the autumn wind blowing, all my borings disappeared. Compared to other tourists, we climbed faster. We carefully enjoyed the bricks and sceneries. Some are ruined seriously we saw, sophisticated and mysterious! Not long time, the beacon tower appeared in front of us. It showed unique mysterious and holy. I admire the building construction very much. It is so marvelous standing still attracting many tourists appreciation and admire. I though it very simple with four windows to observe the enemies in the ancient times. I took a lot of pictures with the landscapes far distance standing inside. During this time, my mother really cannot stand for the hiking journey. She is very tired. My father and I are still ok. Much thanks to the hand rails established on both sides. Under the help of us, we successfully got on the top, very tired but exciting. After the one hours hiking, we saw the marvelous layout of Badaling Great Wall. It is really like an elegant dragon hovering along the mountain, vigorous and alive.

Compared to Badaling Great Wall, Mutianyu Great Wall presents more soft and charming. We all liked this tour very much, really widening vision!

Thrilling Adventure

Last week I went off the beaten path to visit the wild sections of the Great Wall with a few friends. The trip went very well and we all had a great time and a lot of fun that day.

Gubeikou Great Wall

Our guide picked us up from the hotel and then we hit the road on a van ride. We first visited the Great Wall at Gubeikou section. The wall is so off the beaten path there and the paths are broken all over the place. The hills are very steep and it is really difficult to climb up and down the broken paths. But that is part of the fun while hiking the wild wall. Soon we all got tired and had to take some rest after over an hour of puffing up and down the ruined paths. The wild wall is overgrown with bushes and shrubs, making our hiking even more difficult. But we were treated to quite a sight up on the wall. The snaking wall zigzags its way up the rugged hills till it disappears into the far horizon. We took plenty of great pictures while hiking along the wall. We all got an opportunity to see what the original wall looks like on our trip down there. The hiking we did up on the wall is so exciting and we had so much fun while puffing up and down the overgrown paths.

Later we had lunch at the foothill and moved on to visit the Great Wall at Jinshanling. We only visited the eastern part of the wall there. The wall down there is a lot easier to hike than Gubeikou but still very steep. There were few people hiking on the wall down there and we all felt we had the wild wall all to ourselves. The experience is just incredible and we really had a great time on the wall just we did at Gubeikou. Our guide also told us a lot history about the wall. That made our hiking even more fun and enjoyable. It is just amazing to take in the ruins down there and the scenery is very spectacular. Moreover, there are so many great photo opportunities at every bend while hiking up and down the wall. Later our adventure travel ended on a pleasant note and we all got a safe ride back to our hotel.

Overall, the trip is quite an essential Chinese experience!

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