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Service Facilities on Mutianyu Great Wall

As well as other mountain spots, Great Wall at Mutianyu sets up and down cable car for tourists. The down station of cable car is located at the entrance of Mutianyu Great Wall and you can find it easily. Or you can buy cable car ticket with entrance ticket together and the conductor will tell you where to take cable car to up station sits at No. 14 Watchtower and when you arrived at this watchtower, you will see a direction tell you the entrance of cable car down. If you want to take cable car double ways, you can buy tickets at entrance of Mutianyu Great Wall with 80 RMB, and if you just want to take cable car single way, you can buy ticket at local station with 60 RMB. We take cable car down to mountain and it spends 4 minutes to get down, and just only 5 minutes walking distance to parking lot.

Cable Car on Mutianyu Great Wall

There is other way to get down to foot of mountain, which is Shibide Slide in 1,580 meters. It is a new transportation, also known as ski life or gongdola, focuses on sport and entertainment, safe but stimulate. You can control speed by yourself, speed up or slow down to enjoy the special scenery of Mutianyu. It is also 60 RMB for person. As the hike up to the wall is quiet steep, going down the slide to get off the wall is lots of fun and a nice way to end your Mutianyu Great Wall tour.

Mutianyu Great Wall Tour

Visiting on the Great Wall at Mutianyu, I found various warning signs remind you should care safety of you and your family in Chinese and English. For example, beware of slippery during rainy and snowy days. And some introductions also show in Chinese and English, pay attention to tourists from all over the world. At same time, I saw about there are many dustbins stand in every other distance, which cares the tourists fully. In addition, some places are not allowed to climb and they show in warning signs. After snow, some places are still slippery because they cannot share sunshine, so you should pay more attention your road.

In order to meet the needs of tourists, the supporting facilities of Mutianyu Great Wall become more and more complete, which can offer the biggest convenience to tourists. Besides the best views, Mutianyu Great Wall is also a good place to enjoy the services.