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Marvelous Badaling Great Wall

I really want to praise the tour operator offering us such an excellent half day tour. I dare to say it is more marvelous than the multi-days tour I booked several years ago. We really enjoy our tour at Badaling Great Wall.

Badaling Great Wall

Tour guide and the driver picked us up in the early morning. We saw each other at the exit of the hotel we stayed. The weather on that day is hot but not influences our feeling. The air-conditioner car is very cozy making my families pleasant and happy. On the whole journey, we appreciated the sceneries passing by. I got the suburb area of Beijing, typical tranquil and fresh. It has big difference with environment in the downtown area. After arriving at the foot of Badaling Great Wall, tour guide helped us take out the preparations, food and drinks. The temperature here is lower than the city center. It encourages us much for the hiking experience. After appreciating the surrounded vendors, we started our journey.

At the beginning, climbing journey is simple for every one of us. Especially my father, after see the watchtower, he became very exciting. It is same as the book said, grave and magnificent. With the windows decorated, the ancient soldiers just stood here for observing the enemies, my father told us. Suddenly, we laughed at his serious feeling. It is best that there are vendors selling the water on the wall. At that time, I thought, how they carry so many stores climbing the wall, so heavy and dangerous. The water here sold is certainly very expensive. My father is the first person getting tired. He ordered to take the cable car. My sister followed her. My father and I, we just keep climbing by foot, even though we sent out sweat all the time. For us, who conquered the magnificent building, who is the hero! We helped each other for the long-distance hiking journey. After seeing the mark writing the steep stages, I felt a little nervous, because I was tired very much. Under the encouragement of father, I kept on. Each step showed 90 degree, just like elegant mountain waiting for our pass, very challengeable! I counted and did my best. Last, we saw the mark, there are 30 steps reaching the top. I felt all the powerful strength followed me.

I succeed. Sitting on the earth with all the ideas flying around, truly marvelous feeling!

Best Trek

I have been in Beijing with my wife for a couple of days and those days and we have seen plenty historic sites in the city but never got out further. The last day of our trip to Beijing, we decided to go for a trek on the wall to complete our trip to China. We joined a tour to visit the Great Wall at Badaling section with a half day.

Badaling Great Wall

Our tour guide Amy picked us up in the morning and made an early start on our trip to the wall. It did not take long to get there but the mist still did not disappear by the time we stopped at the foothill. We soon got the tickets and grabbed a chair lift up the hill to get on top of the wall. The minute we landed on the wall, we started to hike along with Amy. The sun slowly came out and the mountain air was really crispy up there. The views completely blew us away with its beauty. Our trek on the wall went on and on, after over an hour of walk, both of us got sweaty and really tired and had to stop to catch some breath. So we sat by a watch tower with Amy and talked about stuff for a while. Along the way, she kept filling us in about the stories and history about the wall. It was really fascinating to know there was so much more hidden behind the wall. The history about the wall made our walk on the wall more fun and enjoyable and both of us enjoyed it!

After we rested for quite a long time, we stood up and started trekking again. There were some parts on the wall which were very steep, making our trek on the wall kind of like climb. But we were regarded by those breathtaking sights. The snaking wall seemed to go on and on until it disappeared into the horizon. We were both glad we got the opportunity to see the wall up close and personal. Totally worth every minute of it! Almost lost track of the time, soon it was time to get down the wall. We also took a fun slide to get down the hill. Overall, the experience of visiting the wall was really great and loved it!

Wonderful Summer Resort

Last week, together with my mother, we enjoyed Badaling Great Wall and Mutianyu Great Wall. These two attractions brought us too much. I would give all my thanks to the tour guide - Lisa, she offered best service and good explaining on each attraction.

Badaling Great Wall

First destination is Badaling Great Wall. Once arrived at the building, I suddenly got a shock. So crowded tourists gathered! Tourists in different age step squeezed in this Great Wall building. At the beginning of the journey, my mother and I felt very leisurely and cozy. We saw the Great Wall landscapes and the traditional bricks. The long-distance building stretched to the far distance, very lifelike. All the watchtower buildings are built very delicate with complex building architecture. Surrounded them, we took a lot of pictures. Along the wall, there are many vendors ranking along selling all kind of souvenirs and food as well as drinks. We brought one bottle of water for relaxing. In the half journey, the strong sunlight permeating our face and mind showed very hot. At last, after relaxing some minutes, we gave up climbing on and get down to the foot. In the afternoon, we enjoyed typical Chinese lunch and had a short relaxed. We asked the appearance of Mutianyu Great Wall and hesitated go on or giving up, because the weather is too hot. We did not want to have the tired labor. Tour guide just left one sentence, it would not make you regret!

Wow, it is really a nice attraction with large scale forests. All of these trees are seemed to be sending out cool wind blowing to our faces and body. My mother and I, we all liked the Mutianyu Great Wall very much. Most of the important is that tourists coming here are less than Badaling Great Wall. We held enthusiastic feeling enjoying our leisurely climbing. Just at the beginning, I could taste the flavor sent out from the oil. The wet land is the cozy for us. The beginning wooden steps are the fabulous. It is just the summer resort facilities creating cozy environment. About ten minutes, we arrived at the long-distance ground made by the bricks. Under the trees, we enjoyed the first time relax in the Mutinayu Great Wall, very cool and comfortable. My mother drank water and I took pictures with breathtaking sceneries far away. The mountains far distance are all covered by luxuriant trees showing mystery and solemn. We did our best to conquer.

It is really a nice resort for summer holiday. I liked the climbing experience in Mutianyu Great Wall, I really gained much!

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