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Terrific Half Day Hiking Tour

I really enjoyed a terrific half day Great Wall climbing in Beijing! The main reason I think is that I discovered a wonderful tour operator. Staying in Beijing for my business, I spare half day to enjoy relaxed and realized my dream. To my surprised is this tour type is very suitable for me. I liked it very much!

Badaling Great Wall

Tour guide picked me up at the hotel in the downtown area. I was very happy that day. Tour guide is a university student, very intelligent and considerate. Most important is that her English is very good telling me much about Beijing and the itineraries. On the journey to Badaling Great Wall, I tasted the suburb area' tranquility and natural charm. I liked this environment very much. Driver is non-smoker offering us fluent journey. About 1 hour, we arrived at the foot of Badaling Great Wall. After getting off the car, what appeared to me the wild appearance of surroundings. The vendors here are crowded selling all kinds of articles. After lingering for ten minutes, I started our hiking journey.

In the beginning, I was very happy, singing and appreciating. I thought I finally got my favorite, really proud and exciting. The grasses growing alongside are very delicate accompanying with this magnificent wonder year by year. Most of the important is the tourists coming here are less than I imagined. Oh, so many marks built in the Great Wall writing: No Littering Anywhere, Pay Attention to the Roads or No Running Anywhere and No Climbing Anywhere, etc many marks given to tourists. There are built the handrails both side suitable for the disable, elder and little children, wonderful design! Gradually, the delicate-design watchtower appeared in front of me. Oh, it is more terrific than the book said. Yes, there are four windows decorated. The ancient soldiers just through here observe the enemies. This time, I have been very tired. Sitting beside the wall, I closed my eyes feeling the surroundings. This kind of feeling is just experience only self-experiencing! After enjoying a relaxed, I went on my climbing journey.

About twenty minutes, when I saw the marks warning, I knew, it is not far from the terminal. I did my best to continue. Wow, so terrific! I finally enjoyed the bird view about the surroundings. I shouted to the far distance with the clear echoing sound. Such a wonderful half day tour, I liked very much!

Engineering Feat

Visited Beijing this summer, and saw plenty of historic sites in the city. It is a really fun trip I did in China. I really loved the city and had a lot of fun on that vacation. The Great Wall of China is the highlight of my travel to Beijing.

Badaling Great Wall

My trip to the Great Wall lasted for only half day and the section I visited with my guide is called Badaling, the most popular section in Beijing. To avoid the crowd and traffic, we made an early start in the morning. After he met me at the hotel, we hit the road on a car ride to Badaling. To save time, I took the cable car up the wall and the ride is fun and I got a good look at the snaking wall. Visited the Great Wall for the first time, I was really excited that I could walk the wall and see it up close. The engineering feat is quite impressive and lives up to its hype as world heritage site. My guide filled me in with a lot of history about the wall, which made my trip to the wall even more fun and enjoyable.

The most memorable thing I did on the wall is no doubt the trek. It is really fun to hike up and down the stone path. There are plenty steep parts along the wall, which made it quite challenging to climb up and down the wall. After an hour, I had to take rest from time to time to. The watch towers are impressive too and I used them to mark the path that I have hiked. The scenery out there is incredible with the snaking and the never-ending countryside all over the place. There are plenty of opportunities to snap great photos and as I made it to the wall earlier than others, it was not crowded at the section that I walked with my guide. I could explore the wall at my own pace and enjoy myself as well while hiking along the path.

Overall, the half day trip to the Great Wall I did in Beijing ended very well and I really had a great time that day. Great trip! Great memory!

Adventurous Climbing

Last Saturday, I enjoyed a typical visit to Beijing. I always met the Chinese magnificent Great Wall in the book or on TV.  I really do not know they are so amazing until my appreciation!

Great Wall Tour

With good behaviors, our driver helped us carry our luggage all the way. We do not need to worry about everything. Tour guide is very considerate and informative. She gave us considerate tips and advises on the journey. First attraction is Badaling Great Wall. Perhaps, it is in the autumn season, temperature shows a little colder but the sunshine sent our sparkling light, truly attractive. After arriving at the Badaling Great Wall, I took out my camera; my mother is responsible for the food and my father took care of us. Standing to have an overlook, what appeared is just the tranquil environment and large numbers of tourists. I liked it very much, alive and naughty. After getting some tips, we started our climbing journey. Once stepped on this miracle section, all my nerves are inspired. It is not simply the tourism but deep discover to widen vision.

Great Wall Tour

Along the magnificent wall, we walked and appreciated. The plants on the mountains far away gradually become yellow colors. With the autumn wind blowing, all my borings disappeared. Compared to other tourists, we climbed faster. We carefully enjoyed the bricks and sceneries. Some are ruined seriously we saw, sophisticated and mysterious! Not long time, the beacon tower appeared in front of us. It showed unique mysterious and holy. I admire the building construction very much. It is so marvelous standing still attracting many tourists appreciation and admire. I though it very simple with four windows to observe the enemies in the ancient times. I took a lot of pictures with the landscapes far distance standing inside. During this time, my mother really cannot stand for the hiking journey. She is very tired. My father and I are still ok. Much thanks to the hand rails established on both sides. Under the help of us, we successfully got on the top, very tired but exciting. After the one hours hiking, we saw the marvelous layout of Badaling Great Wall. It is really like an elegant dragon hovering along the mountain, vigorous and alive.

Compared to Badaling Great Wall, Mutianyu Great Wall presents more soft and charming. We all liked this tour very much, really widening vision!

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