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Strolling along Qianmen Commercial Street

Qianmen, in mouth of people, includes Zhengyang Gate, Pearl Market and Dashilan area. Qianmen is the most important place on axle wire of Beijing, also is the core area of protection of ancient capital features. In Ming and Qing Dynasties, Qianmen is the necessary road to Temple of Heaven and Altar of the God of Agriculture. Nowadays, Qianmen Street still keeps the style of history.

Panorama View of Qianmen Street

Eat in Qianmen. Walking in Qianmen Street every time, I have a feeling of pass through. Even through Qianmen Street is crowded with tourists and fashion music, the Dashilan is still old and restores ancient ways. In ancient time, Beijing was called as Peking, the Qianmen is the gathering place of cate including many characteristic restaurants. After hundred years, Quan Ju De shapes its own style of cooking including Quan Ju De Roast Duck and 400 dishes, which was loved by the governments, officials and social celebrities. The past Prime Zhou liked to select the Quanya Banquet as the state banquet.

Go shopping in Qianmen. Qianmen Street is the famous business street and old culture street, located at axle wire of Beijing, and starts from Moon Bay in north to Tianqiao Intersection in south. With 570 years history, Qianmen Street is also known as Heaven Street. It is 845 meters totally, is Pedestrian Business Street. Only both sides of Qianmen Street is covers an area of 66,000 square meters, contains about 180 shops. The long history of Qianmen Street shapes the old famous shops such as Liubiju Paste, Tongrentang Drugstore, Ruifuxiang Silk Store, Neiliansheng Shoes shop, etc.

Tramcar in Qianmen Street

Play in Qianmen. The world famous Laoshe Tea House created in 1988, is located at west of Qianmen Street, and close to Tiananmen Square. It is the representative gathering place of tea house culture of old Beijing, national demonstration base of the cultural industry and AAA tourist scenic spot. Here, you can enjoy the original characteristic performances, taste Chinese famous tea, buy top-level tea and eat the imperial characteristic snacks. Especially, you will see many celebrities in night shows. All these featured national art and programs attract travelersdeeply. Laoshe Tea House is called as the window of showing the essence of Chinese culture art and the bridge connects the friendship of home and abroad, and it is the human landmark of Beijing culture.

Qianmen Street is good place to eat, play and go shopping. Here, you have good chance to appreciate the most characteristics of Beijing.

The Attractive West Lake and Its Specialty

There is an old saying in China: there is a paradise in heaven, while there are Suzhou and Hangzhou on earth. The beauty of Hangzhou is shown as not only the charming natural landscape, but also the abundant tangible cultural heritage. 
West Lake

Speaking of Hangzhou, the West Lake is a place must be mentioned. West Lake locates in western Hangzhou, which is the downtown of this city. Because of the glamorous landscape and many historic interests, Hangzhou is renowned as “Paradise on Earth”. The famous poet Su Shi of Song Dynasty wrote a line about this city: 天下西湖三十六,就中最美是杭州 (among the 36 West Lake in the country, Hangzhou West Lake is most beautiful one). Hangzhou West Lake has ten famous scenic spots, known as “Ten Scenes of West Lake”. Every spot of them is attractive and beautiful.

Another famous scenery, Lingyin Temple, lies on the north of West Lake. It is one of the ten most famous ancient Buddhist temples in China, also regarded as a part of West Lake scenery. If you are taking a trip to West Lake, it is strongly recommended to visit this quiet and pleasant temple.

Besides of West Lake, Hangzhou is also famed for Xihu Longjing green tea all over the world. Xihu Longjing is one of the ten most famous Chinese teas, owns a history over 1200 years. Longjing green tea, also called Dragon Well green tea, is mainly produced in Xihu Village in Hangzhou City. Major tea gardens locate in the southwest around the village. Due to the mild climate, abundant raindrops, and the advantaged natural condition, the Longjing tea produced here is delicate and fragrant, and taste more brisk and mellow. Longjing green tea from West Lake is classified into five types according to the origin place, including Shifeng, Longjing, Yunqi, Hupao, and Meijiawu. Among them Shifeng Longjing is the best. Analysis from researches shows a result that Longjing tea contains a larger amount than other teas of amino acid, catechinic acid, chlorophyll and Vitamin C and so on. Therefore it has more health benefits for human body.

Longjing Tea

Except visiting West Lake and drinking Xihu Longjing tea, a trip in Hangzhou shall not miss the delicious local foods, such as West Lake Fish in Sweet Sour Source (西湖醋鱼), Beggar's Chicken (叫化童鸡), Dongpo Pork (东坡肉), Fried Shrimps with Longjing Tea (龙井虾仁), all of which are the traditional dishes of Hangzhou. Feel curious about Fried Shrimps with Longjing Tea? Yes, you must be. Using Longjing tea as the material of making the dish, this idea could only be originated in Hangzhou. Being made of fresh shrimps and Longjing green tea picked around Qing Ming, this dish is delicate, tender and delicious. You will definitely be impressed.

Fried Shrimps with Longjing Tea

You cannot enjoy the beauty of West Lake until you see it by yourself. To have a cup of Xihu Longjing, taste some local flavors, and experience the culture and custom of this city, can also be a pleasure.

Beijing to Xian Day Trip by Flight

I have been to Beijing five times and have already visited the representative attractions like the Great Wall, Forbidden City, Summer Palace, etc. This time is a family journey and we decided to join the group of Beijing to Xian Tour at first.

Arrived at Beijing in the late afternoon, after dropping our luggage to the hotel we cannot wait to start our trip in Beijing. We went to the famous Longfusi Snack Street to enjoy the typical Beijing food. Various kinds of snacks! There are authentic Douzhi, focus ring, Luzhu, as well as all kinds of skewers here and there are also some typical Muslim restaurants. The taste of Douzhi is terrible! It smells terrible and just a small spoon I found it hard to drink. The cakes there is very delicious and all of them with very cheap prices.

Terra Cotta Warriors

In the early morning we were picked up from our hotel and transferred to the airport. After one and an half hours we got to Xian – another ancient capital city of ancient China. During the one day tour we visited the famous Terra Cotta Warriors and Ancient City Wall.
The Terra Cotta Warriors is the eight world wonders and it deserves the fame. In a vault of approximately 12,000 square meters and 5m underground lay some 8,000 terracotta infantry soldiers, archers, cavalrymen and chariots arranged in battle formation, ready to defend their emperor's immortal soul. The Terra Cotta Warriors show a high level of artistry with individualized facial expressions, hairstyles and clothing and were once brightly painted with black armor, colorful red scarves and green pants. As well as seeing, the tour guide explained to us the history and the story about Qin Dynasty.

After lunch we arrived at the ancient city wall of Xian. The tour guide told us that it is the most complete city wall survived in China as well as one of the largest ancient military defensive systems in the world. Around the old wall, there are jutting ramparts, sentry towers, corner towers, gate towers, battlements, and a series of city defensive fortifications that were scientifically and compactly laid out with very strong defense capability.

Then we took the late afternoon fight back to Beijing. Xian is a beautiful city too and I wish I could stay there for a few days to travel around.

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