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Great 3 Day Beijing Coach Tour

After business for office, I have enough free time in Beijing. First time in Beijing, if I did not visit this world famous city, I must regret forever. Booking online is a good way to find a trustful Beijing tour operator told by my friends. So I surfed the internet and found this BeijingLandscapes finally. Its trip advisor gave best suggestions and help. I like visit Beijing with many people, as we can share the enjoyment with each other, and I can also make new friends in this tour. I am a good person like to meet new friends in different places. I was suggested to book the 3 days bus tour package to visit various famous attractions of Beijing.

Mutianyu Great Wall

Second stop was the Mutianyu Great Wall, as famous as Badaling. After lunch, we were transferred to Mutianyu Great Wall. Little far away from Beijing downtown, Mutianyu section is less crowded, told by tour guide. Today there are only two stops, I choose to hike this beautiful section. Hiking the Mutianyu section, I felt a little tired. But arrived at the destination, I felt I conquered this grand construction in the world immediately. Breathing the different air from my hometown, I enjoyed this mysterious world wonder. Considering the power, I take cable car down. On the way, I found the whole view overlooked from the cable car has another feeling. Compared with standing on it, overlooked it gave you a feeling of bird eye view.

Ming tomb is the first stop, which was the most attractive place for me. Before entering into the tomb, we passed a long way called Sacred Road. Surrounded by various huge stone animals and soldiers status like elephant, camels, lions, soldiers, etc, the Ming Tomb was protected by these animals and soldiers. As I have never seen the real underground palace, I always surprised to everything in the tomb such as the coffins, funeral objects, etc. It is a long way to get to the tomb buried the emperor Ming Chengzu of Ming Dynasty. Changling is the most magnificent in these tombs, enshrined and worshiped the bronze statue of Yongle Emperor. In various places, you can see the dragon head, used for draining off water.

Above was the first day arrangement in this Beijing tour. The next two days, we visited the Tiananmen Square, Forbidden City, Temple of Heaven Summer Palace, Hutong Lama Temple, Panda Zoo and Olympic Stadium. In one word, I enjoyed the most famous attractions of Beijing following the well English speaking tour guide. I really like this city.

1 Day Bus Tour: Beijing Hutong, Lama Temple, Panda Zoo

Second time to Beijing, the local characteristic architecture, animal and culture draw me lots. Before this itinerary, I have found a local Beijing tour operator give me directions in Beijing, also booked 1 day bus tour to Beijing ancient hutong, Lama Temple and Panda Zoo. Ready for this tour, I was so excited to see the pandas.

Next morning, I have breakfast at hotel, then met the tour guide. First stop was Beijing Zoo. It looked very beautiful in surface with classic structure and delicate decorative pattern. Entering the area of panda house, I loved them at once. They are so lovely, fat and charmingly naïve. A small panda, seemed like in young age, played happily with the manmade facilities set by workers. I much wanted to hug them but the rules. A mother panda always held its baby and helped it to eat bamboo. Tour guide said that all these pandas were the lucky animals in Olympic Games and the Asian Games. They do their things without any trouble and fight. Suddenly I wished to be panda like them. In order to remember these pandas, I bought various souvenirs.

Lama Temple

Ended panda tour, we were transferred to Lama Temple, a architecture has strong style of Tibetan Buddhism. From outlook, it is a combination of Tibet, Mongolia and China. Heard of this temple is very efficacious for the hearted wish, hence attracts a lot of sincere worshipers. So I gave a wish to the Buddhists for my family. The place was built in 1694 by Qing Emperor Kang xi for his 4th son, Prince Yongzheng who later succeeded to the throne. Later it became a lama temple. It's in the middle of the city with easy access. Not just touristic, but also religious place. It was the first temple we visited in China, but it carved in my heart.

What most interesting fantastic was the rickshaw in hutongs. The frank rider told me many stories about these unique hutongs. Gathered various shops, houses and restaurants, hutong was the local and ancient residence place for local people. Every lane had its wonderful story, spread from generation to generation.

Ended of this day, I paid much attention to the religion, culture and history about China. Of course, I was mad about these characteristics of ancient China.

My 2 Days Bus Tour Package in Beijing

Free in Beijing, I have strong feelings to visit the most famous attractions of Beijing. So I booked the 2 day tour package online. In order to save money and time, I chosen the bus tour. Out of my imagination, the price and service offered by BeijingLandscapes.com are the best in my heart. The real advisor gave me the most suited suggestions and help. She was always patient to me every question and doubt. Last, she helped me booked this 2 days bus tour package.

First stop was Mutianyu Great Wall. Why not choosing the Badaling section? From a tour book, I knew the Badaling Great Wall is the most choices for tourists, always crowded with many people. The Mutianyu section gathers fewer tourists than Badaling, and has beautiful views. I am a little lazy, so I chosen take cable car to top. From the cable car, I enjoyed the best view including characteristic mountains. I got the best chance to take photos of the scenery.

Bird's Nest

After Mutianyu Great Wall, we visited the Ming Tombs. One the way back to hotel, I visited the Olympic Stadium, the main stadiums in Beijing 2008 Olympic Games. These two buildings stand opposite and represent the talent of Chinese people. From their name Bird Nest and Water Cube, you could image shape easily. In addition, the Chinese silk art was another place attracted me lots. Delicate hand-made and various colors, the Chinese silk art is famous all over the world. In ancient time, the famous Silk Road brought the silk arts and productions from China to many foreign countries. 

Tiananmen Tower

Second day, we continue to visit the Tiananmen Square, Forbidden City, Summer Palace, and Temple of Heaven. They are the imperial places in ancient China. Now, walking in them, I enjoyed the imperial atmosphere and know more about Chinese imperial culture and history. Especially the Summer Palace, it has become the excise place for local people. They play Taiji, Kungfu, dancing and singing in this imperial garden. It is the most fitful place to relax and morning exercise.

After this tour package, I received the good service and price. So I write this suggestion recommend to you. This Beijing China tour operator is responsible and patient, I believe it and recommend it.

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