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Ancient Memory

First time to Beijing, I love everything here, atmosphere combining ancient and modern, the delicate buildings, culture and the local lifestyle, etc. It is just like a legendary waiting for my discovery. Following my father, we booked the one day bus tour exploring the legendary Ming Tombs and Badaling Great Wall. Of course, we felt very exciting and proud. Everything is well-arranged by the tour operator. To our surprised is that bus tour is harmonious and we made new friends during the whole journey. I was very interested in Chinese ancient story told by the tour guide - Lily.

Ming Tombs

First attraction called Ming Tombs. Once arrived at Ming Tombs, I felt typical solemn and coldness. It is a spacious area housing large scale complex buildings. We were led to visit the Changling. It is the largest and magnificent building in Ming Tomb. Building architecture is very complex with traditional designing style, truly impressive and highly praised. The carving patterns are lifelike with skilful designing skills. The tour guide explained the background and culture along the whole journey. Everyone gets very interested in what she explained and the stories happened.

Badaling Great Wall

However, the most impressive and exciting moment is on the Badaling Great Wall. I always hear the famous Great Wall section from my mother and father without close seeing. Once seeing the magnificent layout, I really cannot believe my eyes. Our hiking journey starts in our exciting. Every one of us climbed the Great Wall on foot not choose the cable car. Stepping on the stone steps, this kind of feeling is hard to describe, very proud feeling. Experiencing so many years, they are still in well-preserved. The stone bricks are very large and hard bearing so many tourists passing through. To the regret is that there are so many vendors ranking along adding noisy atmosphere.

Long time but without laboring, tiredness surrounded me after hiking 1 hour. We got relaxed sometimes and took pictures with the surroundings and wall buildings. Once seeing the watchtower, we all got very exciting, climbing quickly. It is designed very simple but belongs to hard project in the ancient times. We entered into having a careful appreciation. Many carvings hang on the wall, clear and deep. It is truly big damage to the world wonder.

We lingered and appreciated. Sometimes, we were stuck in the thought and sometimes we sited for relaxing. When we stepped on the top enjoying the marvelous overview, I shouted proudly! It is truly a terrific tour saving much money, very meaningful!

Majestic Great Wall & Beautiful Garden

Really enjoyed every minute of this bus day-trip while I was in Beijing. It is truly a fantastic experience to walk the wall and enjoy visiting the Summer Palace. I learned so much on that trip to Beijing and everything seemed so amazing over there. I just loved the wall and the garden!

Badaling Great Wall

The section tour guide took us to visit is called Badaling and because it is so popular, we had to make an early start to beat the crowd. She picked me up at my hotel and then we hit the road to Badaling with other travels on a coach ride. The ride was quick and very smooth and soon we made it to the foothill of the wall. Once getting off the coach, we were led to a cable car station to catch a chair lift ride up the wall to save more energy for the trek on the wall. It was a sunny day and was really incredible to see wall snaking way into the horizon. We were all very excited to see the wall for the first time and once we were safe and sound on the wall, we started to hike along. All of us were well prepared for the trek on the wall - wearing sunglasses, or hat and walking shoes and carrying cameras. There were just a couple of guys in our tour group and our guide really did a great job in attending to every detail of our trip to the wall. The views were unbelievably spectacular and completely took my breath away! I really loved it up there and everything seemed so great on the wall - we did not run into large crowd and the weather was pleasant and our guide was fantastic! We all had a great time with that wall trek!

Summer Palace

Once getting down the wall, we headed back to the city and moved on to visit the Summer Palace. The garden is housed in the huge park and the ground was beautifully landscaped and full of fascinating historic attractions. Personally, I really loved the white marble boat sitting by the lake. Never seen anything like that before and other sights were fantastic too! We all enjoyed a great walk in the garden and did incredible sightseeing too. Our experience in the garden was truly amazing, especially after hours of walk on the wall.

Overall, great day-trip and great experience!

Just Close to Chinese Ancient Times

I felt very honor that I enjoyed such a terrific tour appreciating the marvelous Ming Tombs and my favorite charming Mutianyu Great Wall last week together with my friends. After the tour finished, our mind still stuck into the record, clear and memorable.

Ming Tombs

On that day, we got up very early. Bus is filled other tourists from all over the world. We liked this kind of atmosphere. Once got on the bus, we smile to each other. At last, tour guide got on the bus and explained the first station and the itinerary of the whole day. Her English is very excellent that we clearly get the meaning. At the same time, she also told us some tips and attentions we should pay on the whole journey. From the downtown area, we were transferred to Beijing suburb area. Environment here showed a little tranquil and purity. In addition, we have formed a big family communicating with each other talking about our favorites and interest. First section is Ming Tombs. This area is full of wild grasses and spacious land. For a while, we got down the bus. Standing before the gate, as started to search the lure features. We were ordered to enjoy the Underground Palace. It is full of mystery and royal tastes. Inner arrangements are very impressive. My friends talked about its background history and listened to the stories about this building. What we left to the Ming Tombs is only admire and inspect.

Mutianyu Great Wall

What I was very interested in the Mutianyu Great Wall. Although weather is a little cloudy, I enjoyed perfect and terrific climbing journey. Just one friend accompany with me enjoying hiking. Rest of them all took the cable car to conquer. I liked the hiking journey very much, because I saw the real charming sceneries alongside and I touched the Great Wall bricks. What the most important is that I widened my vision appreciating the watchtowers. They showed more magnificent and complex than the book said. Standing inside the watchtower, seeing down, a kind of dangerous feeling appeared in my mind, so high and steep. How they were built in the ancient times? How these big bricks were carried on the mountains under the poor condition? A series of questions appeared in my mind. However, I wanted to say, littering anywhere is really bad behavior. We should protect the building but not destroy and polluted. All the parents should take care of your children in case of the slipping and dangerous conditions.

I felt very proud that I conquered the world wonder building by foot. I cherished the experience forever!

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