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Incredible Chinese Experience

Wow Beijing is incredible!! The last few days I spent in Beijing have been my best travel experience actually. I even got a chance to hike the Great Wall - one of the seven ancient wonders of the world!!!! I still cannot what I did that day when I was trekking on the wall.

Badaling Great Wall

The wall is nothing like what I have seen on TV or travel magazines! The Great Wall of China is just way spectacular once you have been there and seen it. Photos, no matter how good they are, seem to do it little justice. There are actually dozens of sections of the wall that I could walk, but opted for the most visited Badaling because I only had a short stay in Beijing. The section of the wall is too touristy and well restored, making it perfect for an outdoor trek destination, however, the crowd made it less enjoyable. But it was packed for a very good reason. The sight of the wall was simply overwhelming for a first time visitor like me! My guide told me that the section of the wall is the most intact, and had been restored a lot in many parts. With a walk on the wall, I got to see it snake for miles over huge mountains! The sight of it totally took my breath away. I really enjoyed my trek down there and had fun as well!

Summer Palace

After we got back to town in the afternoon we had a lunch and moved on to visit the Summer Palace, another favorite of mine. The imperial garden is really huge and used to the favorite retreat for the Emperor and Empress during the Ming and Qing dynasties. While walking around the compound, the garden was filled with pagodas and temples scattered along the Kunming Lake. I also climbed up the Longevity hill to see the Buddhist Temple of the Sea of Wisdom and get a sweeping view of the whole garden. The marble steps made it so much fun on the trek down the hill! I spent about 2 hour walking all around the garden and really enjoyed myself over there. Gorgeous buildings and views were at every bend in the garden, as well as great picture opportunities! Unlike the time I spent on the wall, my visit to the garden was more relaxing and enjoyable. I just loved it over there!

Overall, it was a great day trip I had in Beijing!

Short Journey, Big Harvest

Last Saturday, I explored Badaling Great Wall and the Ming Tombs. Booking this tour is the suggestion of my father who holds deep interests in Chinese history and culture. He always told us that China is a mysterious country housing marvelous attractions and cultures. So mysterious interests aroused in my mind.

I clearly remembered that the weather on the day showed very sunny with slight breeze. Fist destination is Ming Tombs. It is a large scale tomb group with 13 ancient emperors buried. Perhaps, because of the background history and culture, I always smelled the ancient tastes and solemn atmosphere. Tourists here are less. No matter wherever we went, tour guide always offered us the considerate information about the decorations, buildings, even the ground materials. We were ordered to appreciate Changling Tomb. It is the most magnificent and largest tomb building in this area. I got deep about its history and culture as well as the story about the emperor buried.

Badaling Great Wall

Compared with Ming Tombs, Badaling Great Wall showed more lively and vigorous. Once got off the bus, we were immediately impressed by the magnificent building. It is just like the book said a long-distance dragon, zigzagging, falling and down, stretching to the far distance without any man-made decoration. The watchtowers far distance is just like the dragon's scales. We climbed on the building. What appeared to my eyes are the crowded tourists. Some of them are holding the umbrellas. When we are climbing, the umbrellas become the big obstacle. I wanted to say, this kind of behaviors should be forbidden, because the umbrellas could easily hurt someone. We continued our climbing journey and saw best preserved watchtowers with windows. So many tourists circled appreciating and commenting. Some tourists are carving their names or sentences on the building. It is really bad behaviors. As the world wonder preserved so many years, we should protect them but destroy. After several minutes, we met the steep steps, very high forming the right-angle shape. To be honest, this time, my feet have got very tired, trembling all the time. In order to have a safe condition, we helped each other. I counted the steps, totally 32. After conquering that, I stood on the top shouted out: I have been successful!

This tour taught me much. I thought just appreciating on the book is not really enough. Only getting closer, you could get all!

Scenic Bus Ride plus Incredible Sights

Been in Beijing for a couple of days and had seen plenty of ancient sights within the city proper. Figured it was time to get away from the city noise for a change to explore some sights outside the city. Then my trip advisior recommended a bus tour to visit Ming Tomb and Great Wall at Badaling. All was set!

Changling in Ming Tombs

Next day, met my tour guide at my hotel with other travelers and then hit the road outside the city proper. The bus ride was great and we all had a great time on the way to our first destination - Ming Tombs. I hit it off with a few guys on the bus and before we knew it the bus had arrived. The tomb area over there was really huge and sprawling with lush trees and bushes. We had a great stroll down a stone paved path lined with lovely Chinese animal statues. Me and those guys took a couple of group photos by the statues with the help of our guide. Later we were led into a huge tomb at the end of the path. Inside the tomb, there were plenty of interesting sights. My visit to the tomb was really a whole new Chinese experience for me as I had never visited any Chinese tomb before. By the way we also stopped by a jade carving factory which added more fun to our trip down there!

Badaling Great Wall

Exiting the tomb area, we hit the road for Badaling and had our lunch first nearby. The food was so-so but that was not important. Soon after our lunch break, we headed for the Great Wall for our hike. We all grabbed a cable car up the wall. Once we were landed on the wall, we started to trek along with our guide. The day was sunny and by the time we got on the wall, there was a huge crowd. The wall itself was very impressive, especially looking far into the distance - the snaking wall undulating all over the rugged hill overgrown with trees and bushes. After about an hour of trek, we all got really tired and sweaty and had to stop for rest by a brick tower. Afterwards, we finished the rest of our hike on the wall and got down the wall on a slide. On our way back to the city proper, we also stopped by the Birds Nest and Water Cube to get a good look at the unique architecture. Overall, it was quite a full day I had in Beijing! Loved it!

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