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Interesting Boating and Hiking

I browsed the pictures took in Beijing and still feel exciting. It is truly a meaningful holiday. Last month, my sister and I, we booked the excellent tour on the website. The service offered is very considerate. My favorite Badaling Great Wall and my sister's Summer Palace all contained.

Summer Palace

I clearly remembered the scene that my tour guide picked us up in the hotel. She is a very beautiful Chinese girl with fluent English. We are same years old. After getting on the bus, harmonious atmosphere poured into my nerves. All the passengers gave us the warm greetings. First destination is Summer Palace. My sister got very exciting and asked many questions. Tour guide explained carefully with knowledgeable information. We entered into this palace from the newly built palace gate. Once entry into this palace, we got impressed by a large scale water area, tranquil and excellent. We walked closer, fresh air and blossoming charming smiled to us, typical unforgettable. My sister insisted having a boating. I followed her. So interesting! The buildings and sceneries, closer and far away distance all could be seen on the boat. Suddenly, I tasted the imperial feeing and my mind has been traced back to the ancient times. We passed through the bridges appreciating the marble boat accompanied by the green surroundings. Weather is a little hotter but not influenced my mind.

Badaling Great Wall

Compared to the boating, Great Wall hiking is another kind of fresh experience. Badaling Great Wall is the most famous building among all the Great Wall buildings. Its best preserved appearance and long-distance shape offered a wonderful stage for my hiking experience. I liked it very much. On the whole hiking journey, I took the excellent moment, children jumping, young people playing and my sister eating and laughing. Happiness and exciting make this building not so sophisticated. Touching the wall, it is cold and hard. The trees showed out of their mind under the strong sunlight. Entered into the watchtower, through the windows, I saw the green land far distance and the mountains. There are some gaps have been appeared in the wall. After about one hours hiking, I arouse the feeling of stepping on the highest position. Everything showed so tininess and fuzzy.

After covered the picture album, my mind still lingered in the Badaling Great Wall. It is truly a miracle wonder housing many unexpected surprises!

My Proud Holiday Exploring Beijing

After hearing the news, I really did not know how to express my exciting feeling. Yes, my mother booked the Badaling Great Wall and Summer Palace tour for me. They are all my favorite attractions. In order to enjoy a typical holiday, my mother and I, we got good reparations the day before the departure day.

Summer Palace

On the departure day, we are late for the breakfast. Tour guide smiled and wait for us. She is a beautiful girl and same years old with me. On the whole journey, we communicated happily just like familiar friends or sisters. The first attraction is the Summer Palace. Although the traffic here is heavy, driver got rid of them skillfully. Once entered into the imperial garden, what marked us first is the large scale area, tranquil sending golden colors. Under the strong sunlight, it showed more vigorous and dazzling. To be lucky, tourists coming here are not so many as I expected. We lingered here, taking pictures with the surroundings. In fact, my goal is climbing the Pavilion of Fragrance Buddha. From the far distance, it is high and tininess. On the whole journey of climbing, I saw many foreigners packed their babies climbing and enjoying. But, I felt tired. Under the encouragement of my mother, we stepped on the summit, so cool and elegant!

Badaling Great Wall

Compared to Summer Palace, Badaling Great Wall showed more tranquil and sophisticated. I liked it very much. Located in Beijing suburb area, it is just like the history-winner guarding the surroundings. Oh, my god, so many tourists ranking along the wall buildings forming a very grand atmosphere. We choose climbing by foot. Perhaps, because we have lost much labor in Summer Palace, I will have relaxed every ten minutes. I entered into the watchtower to carefully appreciate. Windows are very large from which, I could see the scenery far distance. The roof of the watchtower is very high with hard bricks built. Suddenly, admirable ideas aroused from my mind. So high and long journey, these bricks were carried up and build so terrific wall for fighting against the enemies. How did they do like this? With long years passed, these bricks have become grey colors. Most f the bricks have been separated and destroyed! W just sited on the hard ground, enjoying, appreciating and recording…

Much thanks to the tour and I really widened my vision getting the world wonder!

Incredible 4 Days Tour in Beijing

Our tour guide picked us up from the airport after we landed in the International Airport of Beijing. It was already well into the afternoon when we got to our hotel. Rest of the day, we did nothing much except unpacking our stuff and got settled in our room.

Mutianyu Great Wall

Next day after we finished our breakfast at the hotel, our tour guide showed up. Then we jumped on a bus and hit the road outside the city proper. We first visited an enormous mausoleum outside Beijing. We had a leisurely stroll down a path toward an underground tomb. Inside the tomb, it was kind of creepy and dim-lit, though the tomb was turned into a museum. After the tomb area, we hit the road again and this time we headed for Mutianyu to see the Great Wall. About half an hour later, we found ourselves at the foot of wall, where there was a chair lift available for us to get on top of the hill without climbing up on our own.

This serene chair lift ride took us up the mountainside and landed us on the Wall. On our ride up the wall, we got a great view of the snaking wall from up above. It was quite impressive and left me the first impression of the wall. We started to hike along the minute we landed on the flat path. Hiking the wall was fun and easy at first, but it got much more challenging after over an hour of walking. We had to take rest from time to time and catch breath by the watch tower. But it was worth all of our efforts as we were rewarded to quite a sight. Snaking up high on the lofty hill, the Wall offered us dramatic views of the watch towers and lovely countryside. At times, the paths got extremely steep and slippery, and we had to be more careful while making our way up the highest watch towers.

By the way our tour guide also interested us with stories about the Great Wall, when it was built, and what it was meant to keep out. To keep our interest going, our tour guide also spent plenty of time talking about how the army used to guard the wall back in the day. When it was time for us to get down, we hopped on a long slide down the hill. It was kind of fun too. Overall, it definitely was once in a lifetime experience for both of us and we just could not wait to see more of Beijing over the next couple days!

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